COVID-19: Santa Claus Christmas Gifts Are Safe, British PM Reassures Kids

by on November 26, 2020

By Onwuka Gerald

Even as Corona Virus continues to pose major health obstacles around the globe, The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has reassured childrens that the usual Christmas gift from Santa Claus will be safely delivered.

The Prime Minister made the disclosure following a letter signed by an eight year old child simply known as Monti whO raised some concerns and hope on the possibility of distribution of safe Christmas gifts by Snata Claus evan as CoronaVirus continues to pose a major relationship barrier.

Over the years, the celebration of Christmas is accompanied with the delivery of presents by Santa Claus, including toys and candy, to all behaved children all over the world by Snata Claus, a tradition that dates back to 1800 AD..

Details of the letter which was seen by The Breaking Times, revealed that the child in the letter was curious about the safety of Christmas gifts even as he suggested placing a sanitizer by the cookies to ensure that the possible spread of the virus is prevented with the use of the sanitizer.

In his reply to the inquiry, the PM Johnson wrote, “Father Christmas is ready to go as with Rudolph and the other Reindeers.

He added, “I have had lots of letters about this, having contacted experts; I can assure you that Father Christmas will be packing his sleigh and delivering presents this Christmas!”

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