COVID19: Brazil Takes Down Coronavirus Data, Global Death Toll Reaches 400,000

by on June 7, 2020

The Brazilian Government on Saturday removed Covid-19 data from the Ministry of Health”s website, meanwhile global deaths for the virus surpassed 400,000 for the first time.

The data showed realtime numbers of the Pandemic covering every state and municipality in the South American Nation.

Brazil’s Health Ministry also stopped announcing daily confirmed cases which have surpassed 672,000.

Only the United States has more cases, Brazil’s death toll is nearly 36,000 adding to the global death toll of 400,000 cases by Sunday.

Brazil’s President, Bolsonaro announced that the ” cumulative data dies not reflect the moment the country is in” and promised further actions will be taken to improve the reported cases and confirmation of diagnoses.

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He pledged that a new daily updated would be introduced to avoid under notification and inconsistencies.

Brazil’s Ministry of Health did not give a reason for erasing Coronavirus data on its website.

Globally, Brazil and India have been recording increased cases for deaths. The death toll from Coronavirus now equals the number of people killed by Malaria annually

The United States has the most recorded deaths at 110,000. The first death was reported in Wuhan on January 10.

The first 100,000 in April and it took just 24 days for gloabls deaths to reach 400,0

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