#COVID19: Cases In Lagos And Kano Could Rise To Joint 1.7million By June


A team of researchers from the Yusuf Maitama Sule University, Kano has released a study that stated that the COVID-19 cases in Lagos and Kano could reach up to 868,700 and 919,900 respectively in June if restrictions are entirely lifted.

Premium Times’ Head of Investigations, Nicholas Ibekwe revealed the deduction from the research via his Twitter handle.

According to him, the study showed that if restrictions are lifted by 50 percent, cases in Kano will reach 645,500, and Lagos will be 102,600 in June.

“At the current rate with the current restrictions by June Kano will have 1,444 and Lagos 2,038.” He tweeted.

The projections were made using figures from the Nigeria’s Center for Disease Control (NCDC).

On Monday, April 27, Nigerian Ruler in his broadcast announced the ease of lockdown starting from Today. This is coming after an initial 5 weeks lockdown period.

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During the lockdown period there was daily increase in number of cases across the country. Lagos, the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Nigeria and Kano have taken the lead in number of reported cases.

Of the 2558 cases reported by NCDC, Lagos tops the chart with 1107 cases while Kano comes second with 342 cases.

It is being purported that the numbers are still low because the testing capacity is still small. Little increments in the testing capacity from time to time has yielded more numbers in the two states. This bearing in mind that the numbers so far have been reported mostly during the total lockdown period.

The Regime’s decision to ease the lockdown has been likened to letting lose the gates of hell. Reports from Today have emerged with mass gatherings observed at different bank branches in Lagos.

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The numbers deduced from the research are very scary and may not be far from realistic considering the observation made so far from Today being the first day post lockdown.

Recall that Last week, there were reports of no fewer than 640 mysterious deaths in Kano State; including 15 elites who died within a space of 24 hours.

Initially we had a verbal autopsy report from the Kano State Government stating that the ‘strange deaths’ were caused by complications from hypertension, diabetes, meningitis and acute malaria.

Most recently, the Regime has come out to confirm the fears of many concerned citizens stating that the deaths were from COVID-19.

During that period, Testing in Kano was suspended and the test samples were sent to Abuja. The suspension has been lifted and Kano State now has three testing centers including the most recent mobile testing center donated by Nigerian Billionaire Aliko Dangote. The mobile testing center has the capacity to test 400 persons daily. This in addition to the capacity of previously established two allows testing for over 500 persons on a daily basis.

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At this time, in Nigeria, there is no specific treatment administered to COVID-19 patients as cure for the disease. In the mean time, it remains a battle of ones immune system against the virus.

The public is advised to comply with the social distancing protocols and put on face masks when in public places. Total compliance with these directives will help contain the spread of the virus to a large extent.

The state hotlines are still open to receiving calls. All have been advised to call in to report symptoms of COVID-19 once observed. NCDC toll free number is 080-097-000-010.

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