COVID19: China Can Conduct Almost A Million Tests Daily In Beijing

by on June 21, 2020

Chinese authorities said they have the abilities to test up to a million people daily in Beijing as testing continues in China’s capital to reduce the spread of the disease.

China has increased the scale of testing in iit capital after an outbreak from a wholefoods market started 2 weeks ago.

The infections linked to the outbreak surpassed the infections from the earlier outbreak.

Ever since the outbreak began, China has been testing 230,000 daily at 24 Institutions according to the Beijing Health Commission.

The Commision added that multiple tests can be conducted with one test tube, which means they can conclude up to a million tests of Coronavirus daily.

The method was pioneered at a large scale in Wuhan last month after a second wave of cases hit the city.

Beijing’s Health Commission also said workers from the Hubei province and Liaoning behave been sent to Beijing’s labs to help with the testing.

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