#COVID19: FCT Busts Bars, Arrests Violators For Impersonating Army. (VIDEOS)

by on May 29, 2020

Law officials of the Federal Capital Territory posted two videos on Thursday to serve as a deterrent to lawbreakers. The videos featured at least two bars caught open hours after curfew.

The Nigerian tendency to oppress under the guise of military connection showed up heavily in the videos, with the first slide showing a man who had pretended to be a military officer to avoid police wrath.

The unnamed man in a white shirt was seen pleading with the leading FCT official, after initially lying about this status. Said man revealed that he was a chef, and lies because he thought it would scare the police away.

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Two bars were busted and shut down, and the second bar revealed a bartender with a similar tendency. The unnamed bartender had initially revealed that the bar was owned by a major in the Nigerian military.

This defense mechanism, as seen in the video, dissolved when the official stated,

“Does the Major know that the President Muhammadu Buhari is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces?”

Said bartender balked and responded sheepishly, “the Major actually said we should close on time”, revealing that the curfew had been violated of his own accord.

The FCTA reiterated the warnings against curfew breaking, urging Nigerians to obey federal guidelines even as the offenders were rounded up.

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