#COVID19: Man Battles For Life After Contacting Virus From Son


A 42 year Old Man from Florida is battling for life, after his son met friends without putting on a mask, came home and infected the entire Family with the deadly Coronavirus.

The Father, John Palace who tested positive to the virus brought home by his son, has spent weeks on a ventilator and is severely struggling for his life.

Despite the entirety of the family contacting the same virus, Place was the only person that was taken to the hospital. He contacted the virus from his 21 year old son who went out with friend, after he disregarded the advice from Mom to wear a mask and making use of sanitizer anytime he goes out.

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Place who already is overweight and diabetic at the same time, made the symptoms to immediately manifested inside him through consistent coughing and relentless fever.

Michelle Zymet, Place’s wife said that she always advises the son to use hand sanitizer and at the same time wear a mask anything he goes out. “His reply to me will be Mom everything is going alright, so just relax”.

According to her, “the day it happened, he was wearing the mask when he left home, but when he met with friends, he removed it. Few days later, he started showing symptoms of the virus. A friend was gathered with them, said she has tested positive to the virus”.

The whole household was tested and confirmed to have the virus, but it was only Place that was hospitalized, due to the extreme nature of his health.

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Meanwhile Place, due to his indisposed condition and owned medical bills, his friends organized and set up a fundraiser on the family’s behalf in supporting them in times like these.

So far, they have gotten nothing less than $35,000 off their $50,000 target

The County Mayor, Carlos Gimenez revealed that what is contributing to the recent rapid spread of the virus is as a result of the young ones, who meet to celebrate end of their academic session. The Old, are consistently going to the hospital, ever since these kids started hanging out”.

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