#COVID19: People Who Bleach Their Skin Are More At Risk To Be Infected

by on March 28, 2020

Most Skin bleachers have a compromised immune system, which is scientifically proven. But before we delve into that, let’s see how the immune system works.

The immune system plays a critical role in whether you recover from a virus or you die from it.

Scientists have found out that most coronavirus related death are as a result of the immune system not showing up to fight and not just damage caused by the immune system itself.

When a person becomes infected the body launches its standard innate immune system as it would for any other virus. It involves the release of a particular protein known as interferons which interferes with the multiplication of strange virus from multiplying in its cells.

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These interferons also invites other immune cells to help in fighting the virus.

The innate immune system fights the virus in two ways:

  • It alerts the body that an attack has occurred by showing severe symptoms such as fever for example.
  • Expelling the microscopic particles of the virus through cough and diarrhea.

If the virus develops in the respiratory tract, one develops cough, but when it develops in the gastrointestinal mucosal tract, you develop a diarrhea.


It is no news that the elderly and immunocompromised are more prone to the effect of the COVID19 virus.

There is also a set of people who are under this sect; skin bleachers and steroid users. These set of people have a compromised immune system as the use of steroids reduces the abilities and efficacy of the immune systems, it suppresses it in it’s entirety.


Bleaching creams contain hydroquinone and mercury, and prolonged usage of these could cause skin damage, liver, kidney malfunction, and corticosteroids. 

All of these are a threat to the immune system and the overall health of the individuals, the least anyone could do during this pandemic is halt the usage of these chemicals in order to save their own lives.

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