#COVID19: Purchasing Certain Nose Mask Can Be A Complete Waste Of Money

by on March 30, 2020

Anyone who has visited a mall or stall across the country to purchase ”survival kit” during this pandemic, must have noticed the hike in the prices of these things and that Stalls and malls are running out of Hand Sanitizers, Nose Mask, and gloves.

It is both heartbreaking and embarrassing how we, Nigerians are mean to ourselves by hiking the prices of accessories that people believe would save their lives during a worldwide pandemic. But hat’s not even the major problem now, the problem is how useless some of these “survival kits” can be in preventing one from being infected by the virus.

Of all the aforementioned accessories nose mask is the most sought after and proves to be somewhat useless. There are only a few types of Nose Mask that may be useful. VERY FEW!

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Nose Masks are not only uncomfortable to have on they are also claustrophobic. It’s too much suffering for little or no gain that even WHO (World Health Organization) does not recommend nose mask as a preventive measure for healthy persons; only sick persons should wear them in order to avoid spreading the disease.

There are two popularly known types of masks:

  • Disposable Surgical NoseMasks
  • N95 Respirators
N95 Resporator stands a better chance at protecting you from the virus if Worn PROPERLY.

The Disposable surgical masks and the surgical masks cannot easily be relied on to prevent the virus as they only serve as a physical barrier that protects others from the user’s contamination from mucus and saliva droplets. It has zero protection against the virus as it is incapable of filtering tiny particles and contaminants.

The N95 Respirator, N95 meaning that it can filter out 95% of airborne disease, which is quite okay. On the other hand, if properly worn, it can do a little bit of protection as it fits a lot tighter, protects the user against airborne exposure and is designed to filter smaller contaminants as opposed to the average surgical mask.

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But then how sure are you that the N95 mask you just purchased is legit, plus you need an expert to fit it properly on your face.

Most people wear these face masks and repeat them again and again and again, which is totally wrong, nose masks are supposed to be disposed off after 3hours of usage.

Note that, The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has maintained that you should only wear a face mask if you are sick.

The gag is, just wash your hands for at least 20seconds as often as possible, scientists have proven this as the safest and cheapest way to prevent contamination of the COVID29 virus.

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