#COVID19: Study Reveals Coronavirus Can Be Transmitted To Cats, Dogs By Humans

by on August 3, 2020

A study conducted recently by Scientists from Italy, revealed that the Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 can be transmitted from humans to animals like Cats and Dogs.

According to test that was carried out between March and May 2020, where 540 dogs and 277 cats living in people’s homes in Lombardy Northern Italy, an area where individuals infected with the virus resides.

Although not peer-reviewed yet, the study however found out that Coronavirus antibodies were found in 3.4 percent of dogs, while 3.9 percent in cats, explaining further that have been infected with the virus.

Responding, the Leader of the German Federal Research Institute for Animal Health (FLI), Thomas Mettenleiter, stated that the result erases all doubts beclouding our minds, and has also gave confirmation to the already known.

“The animals used in carrying out the study, came from houses that are affected by the Coronavirus, which explains strongly that the infection is transmitted from people to the animals”, he explained.

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He further highlighted that the study, also confirms FLI’s presumption that cats and dogs cannot be held culpable to spread of COVID-19, and people free from the virus can have daily contact with their pets.

“On the other hand, people infected with the virus, should restrict themselves from their pets. However, there are no evidence that posits yet that animals can die of the Coronavirus”, he added.

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