#COVID19: Virus Is Not Same As Malaria — NCDC Warns Nigerians


The Nigerian Centre For Disease Control (NCDC), has recently warned Nigerians that even as Coronavirus may have symptoms that is similar to malaria, that it is not it as both are transmitted differently and through dissimilar organisms.

The health Agency, gave this revelation on their Twitter page; as they cautioned Nigerians against the mistake of taking COVID-19 symptoms to be signs of malaria.

They also enlisted 12 different symptoms that can be seen in a person’s body; that can be confirmed or declared that the individual is having the Coronavirus.

NCDC advised the populace not to ever hesitate for once in dialing their number, should in case them come across some the signs they told them about. “Mistake people often make is that they attribute symptoms of the Virus to be a mere malaria sign and before they realize it to be more, it becomes too late for the carrier”.

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According to them, “if you are having symptoms like loss of smell, sore throat, headache or cough that the person or family should immediately reach out to them”.

Meanwhile the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that people with minimal effect of the virus should not bother with going to care centres, saying it should be handled at their homes, adding that “it takes a period of 5-6 days before the symptoms starts manifesting, but can take up to 14 days on different occasions”.

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The Country so far has announced an overwhelming cases of Coronavirus to be around 653, while noting also that the totality of infected individuals in the Country is estimated at 36,107.

NCDC further revealed that 653 cases as at July, 18 have been confirmed with at least two deaths recorded so far.

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