COVID19: Widespread Public Use Of Facemask Could Reduce Spread Of Coronavirus, New Study Reveals


Collective widespread use of facemasks could help reduce the transmission of Coronavirus to a controllable national level and prevent a second wave if combined with a lockdown according to a UK Scientific study revealed on Wednesday.

The Report was conducted by scientists at Cambridge and Greenwich Universities in the UK. It revealed that Lockdowns alone won’t prevent a spread , using home made masks can reduce the spread.

” Our analyses support the immediate and Universal adoption of facemasks by the public” a Scientist for Cambridge, Richard Stutt said.

He announced that a combination of social distancing plus public use of facemasks could be an acceptable way of managing the Pandemic and help re-open the economy before a vaccine becomes available.

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The report was published in a Scientific Journal named ” Proceeding of The Royal Society A”.

The study reports that facemasks use up to 50% can reduce Covid-19 infection spread to less than 1.0 of R value.

R represents the average number of people that one infected person will transmit the disease to.

The Scientists revealed that there is not much to lose from widespread adoption of masks, but ” the gains could be significant”.

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