COVID19: Wuhan Begins Mass Testing Of 11 Million People

by on May 14, 2020

The Chinese city of Wuhan started a government enabled testing exercise of all it’s 11 million residents as new cases of the virus were recorded in the city.

The Chinese government gave a timeline of 10 days to test the city’s residents.

Wuhan is the city the Covid-19 pandemic started and accounts for 80% of China’s cases.

No testing of this size has ever been conducted anywhere in the world and it remains doubtful if this level of mass testing can be concluded in time.

The regional state TV, Hubei TV announced that testing will start with separate districts as the first 1000 residents were tested in the Qiokou district.

Residents of Qiokou district stood under the rains on Thursday as they were the first in the city to get tested.

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