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    This story is a fabrication. It is not true. It failed woefully to drag down the name of the Outgoing President Jonathan as it has attempted for 3 years now under the delusion that there is indeed nothing like seperation of powers in the running of a State whre ohails the sitting President. It is all ignorance about political processes in Nigeria. It is a pity that these fabricators believe that the way to power can be replicated in two separate occasions and so are hell bent to drag the name of sitting Presidents and their families into the Bayelsa political process. What a shame that these people let cannot t think of a better fabrication,more believable than this whole boring routine. Mark it the next one is to drag the new President into the fray so as to make a milage from constitutional relationship between a sitting President and any governor of a state. Be educated,every governor has a duty like all Nigerians to support the elected President for the overall interest of Nigeria but it has nothing to do with differences in political persuasion between the opposing parties. That is democracy because the destiny of Nigeria is shared by all! Ignoramuses inclusive!


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