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‘Customer’ beats sex worker to death for getting tired too soon

by on January 26, 2017

A sex worker, Janet Etim has died after she was attacked and beaten by her customer when she could not withstand a long drugged-induced sex in an hotel in Lagos.

The incident happened at a popular hotel called, De Love located at Ilufumi street, Ejigbo, Lagos.
The unidentified customer went into Etim’s room to have short time sex with her for a fee. When the romp started, he was taking too long to ‘come’ and concluded the romp.

When Etim could no longer bear the pain, she withdrew and offered the customer his N500 fee but he refused and said he had already prepared for the action and will conclude it. This led to exchange of words and in the process, he attacked and injured her on her head.

She was rushed to a hospital by the hotel management where she eventually died.

The corpse of the late Etim, who died on Tuesday evening after every efforts to revive her failed, has been deposited at Isolo General Hospital for autopsy report.

The customer who allegedly assaulted and killed her was said to be at large.

Though, the matter was not reported to the police, the manager of the hotel, Prince Bassey and late Etim’s sister, Eberline Okon, who brought her to Lagos for prostitution, were later arrested by the police at Ejigbo division over the suspicious manner Etim died and for hiding it from the Police.

On Wednesday morning, the hotel was deserted and was under lock and key.

Some of the workers outside the hotel said the workers were afraid the police would make more arrests so they decided to leave the place for now.

At the police station, the two suspects were seen detained at the police cell for suspected murder, while the police were making every efforts to arrest the runaway customer.

The DPO was not around to comment on the matter, however the police source at the Station said the police was waiting for autopsy report to determine whether Etim died as a result of the assault or something else.



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  • princewill
    January 27, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    A beautiful young lady like this who should have lived a decent life, get married and bear children. and be more useful to God and humanity decided to sale her body for just N500. Well, it is a pity that she died this way. i hope all those in this kind of life style will read this and repent. may her soul rest


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