Daddy “G.O.” Freeze & The Division In The Nigerian Church (Part 1)

by on March 28, 2018

[dropcap style=”square” color=”#1e73be” bgcolor=”#ffffff”]W[/dropcap]hether daddy freeze likes it or not by virtue of call, commission and ministry he has become a G.O. himself. The final destination is to start his own church (which he has done “online”) then the next step would be to migrate from online gatherings to physical meetings of some sort.
Personally I know so many people who do not have kind words for him and his bandwagon of disciples and followers for one simple reason: their visible bias and preference to a very unfriendly vocabulary (If you have ever been on Instablog or exchanged pleasantries with one drews african barbie then you might have an idea as to the matter).

However, today’s piece is not to discuss the obvious communication challenge faced by the free the sheeple movement. Yes, it exists and there is nothing I can do about that! I’d rather talk about something important I have learnt from the man for almost two years now as I have carefully followed and watched Daddy Freeze since the very first post declaring war against G. O’s and Pastors in Nigeria.

Daddy Freeze proved that many Christians do not read their Bibles and do not have enough conviction to stand up for what they believe in. Most people end their study of God’s word once the Pastor finishes his/her sermon. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t cool to argue scriptures on social media until free the sheeple came along!
Sadly, most people fail to realize that tithing has never been the issue! Tithing has never been the problem! I believe that even Daddy Freeze himself knows deep down that the issue is not really tithing.

So what is the issue? Most of us fail to realize that different churches and different sects in Christianity have their different doctrines. For example: Catholics believe in the rosary, saints and Mary; Pentecostals don’t pray the rosary or believe in Mary. Jehovah witnesses don’t believe in miracles but Catholics, Pentecostals, Baptists etc. believe in Miracles. It’s the same Jesus, same Bible, same God, same Heaven but different doctrines.
I stumbled across a post from Dr. Sonnie Badu (a man I love and admire so much) where he wrote about pastors fighting pastors and bishops fighting bishops. It all comes down to doctrine! There was a time when I was much younger as a child we used to gather round the T.V every 4pm on Saturdays to watch “Atmosphere for Miracles” by Rev. Chris Oyakhilome, then suddenly it stopped airing and I remember always wondering what happened. As a young teenager I later came across some theories online that some men of God in Nigeria supposedly led by Bishop Mike Okonkwo and the PFN (including Rev. Chris Okotie and Pastor Tunde Bakare) spear headed the drive to stop “Atmosphere for Miracles” from airing on T.V. because miracles shouldn’t be on television! Theorists claim that this is not unconnected to the visit of Pastor Chris to T.B. Joshua in 2001 where they performed several miracles together at the synagogue church of all nations (you can do your research online and arrive at your own conclusions). This must have been why Christ Embassy Pioneered the first ever 24/7 Christian Network from Africa on their own decoder.

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Many times we tend to forget that just because we seem to have a different view on certain issues doesn’t mean we should discredit the entirety of the next person’s case (using 2001/2002 PFN and CAN crisis as a case study. Over the decade a lot of backtracking has taken place). There are some certain people waiting to see if God’s power will manifest through Daddy Freeze and he will be used to heal the sick and perform miracles, seeing as many “yahoo boy pastors” have been used by God by perform tremendous miracles leading to countless numbers of testimonies and transformed lives. The same “yahoo boy” Pastors that have been brutally discredited by Daddy Freeze.

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Daddy Freeze won’t be the last and he certainly is not the first to bring up supposed issues facing the church, prescribe his own set of doctrines and start his own movement. We have people receiving calls every day and starting their ministries all around the world based on what they read in the Bible/what they heard or supposedly heard from God. There are churches all around the world where they don’t believe in paying of tithes so this is not new by any means. As for the supposed luxurious lifestyle of men of God, those well versed in history will know that the magnificent cathedrals and works of art commissioned by the Catholic church centuries ago are claimed to have come from proceeds of corruption and gross misconduct by the church. Truly there is nothing new under the sun!

So while tithing and luxury lifestyle has never been and will never be the problem, the problem remains DOCTRINE! I make bold to say today that as long as different churches have different doctrines, there will always be a battle for supremacy in the body of Christ. However, I strongly believe that a time will come as appointed by God where the church will set aside it’s man-made doctrine and focus solely on JESUS. There will be a unity of Christians all around the world in voice, ideology and purpose. I know for a fact that the more of JESUS we have in us, the less of us we have in us! Different men will continue to bring up different interpretations of the scriptures and build doctrines on them. If all doctrine was built solely on the word of God, it would have been a glory to behold. Sadly, personal convictions and experiences will always be a factor when men develop doctrines for their followers to abide by.

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I once heard a preacher say, “the entire Christian body in Nigeria is made up of all the Christians in Nigeria!”. Some Christians won’t like to hear this but the moment it truly dawns on you that regardless of denomination or doctrine we serve the same God and are probably headed to the same Heaven then you would stop fighting your fellow Christians and focus on the common ground you share…, at every given point in time, our focus must be on JESUS.
So you might wonder, what did I possibly learn from Daddy Freeze?
I learnt two things:
1. When you believe in something you must stand up and fight for it!
2. The principle of divide and conquer still works today as effectively as it worked 4000 years ago.

In conclusion, people will always believe what they want to believe! People will always fight for what they want to fight for! I hope you are fully aware that there are people from Israel who were Jesus’ neighbours but they are still waiting for the Messiah to come! Also don’t forget the ones who say Jesus was just an ordinary prophet.
Stay beautiful and blessed.

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