Daniella Navarro Plans To Tell Her Daughter That Nacho Casano Is Her Boyfriend

Do you know about Daniella Navarro, one of the five finalists of “the house of the famous 2?” Everyone is talking about her boyfriend, as she has an affair with Nacho Casano. The actress was out of the reality show, and many think it was a strategy to win votes. Well, let’s know all about Daniella Navarro’s relationship with Nacho.

After the end of the Telemundo program, Nacho and Daniela appeared in many programs and events. They remained separated for some time, and she lived in Miami with her mother and daughter. At this time, the Argentine is writing a play related to the love story. They seem in love and surprised to have found each other.

Everyone turned into ‘the house of celebrities 2’ during the broadcast and knew how they started their relationship; who does not know about Daniella Navarro’s boyfriend? Her daughter is Ugueilla Urbina, and she is five years old.
Actually, the couple’s romance started in ‘the house of celebrities.’

How would Daniella tell her daughter about Nacho Casano?

Her boyfriend Casano has already met her daughter Uguiella. Daniela Navarro introduced him as a friend, which was not a big surprise for the girl. She has already met with some of the participants of “ the house of the famous 2.” Eduardo Rodríguez, Rafael Nieves, and Lewis Mendoza are included among these.

In an interview with people in Spanish, the actress said she plans to introduce the subject of her courtship with an Argentine little by little. When my daughter saw flowers, I told her these were from my friend who sent them to mommy. She was telling me that she liked a boy, on this.

I asked her what if I told her I also like a boy. Moreover, she says you can not like a boy, mom, and I said Well, a man, daughter!’

My daughter does not watch reality shows; that’s why she has no idea what happened when she was in the Telemundo house. The interpreter’s mother, Carla Santomingo, watched the program while the girl was at school.
Well, in some pictures, Navaro and her daughter were seen so close.

Daniella Navarro plans a date night to tell her daughter about her relationship with how they are closing together that happened on a France trip. Nacho said I officially take them to Paris, where I want to get him involved, and we will do something symbolic.

Interesting Facts:

  1. Nacho Casano is working on a play inspired by his love story with Daniella Navarro, showcasing their deep connection and journey.
  2. Daniella Navarro’s mother, Carla Santomingo, followed the reality show closely while her granddaughter Ugueilla Urbina was at school, providing her support to Daniella during her time on the show.
  3. The couple’s public appearances and events after “The House of the Famous 2” have attracted much attention, further fueling interest in their relationship.
  4. Daniella’s careful approach to introducing her relationship with Nacho to her daughter reflects her commitment to prioritizing her daughter’s well-being and emotional adjustment to the new relationship.
  5. The symbolic event that Daniella and Nacho plan to share in Paris suggests a strong commitment to each other and a desire to create lasting memories together as their relationship evolves.
  6. Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano’s romance not only captured the attention of the viewers of “The House of the Famous 2” but also influenced their popularity outside of the reality show.
  7. Daniella’s daughter, Ugueilla Urbina, is only five years old but has already had the opportunity to meet some notable personalities from the reality show, creating unique experiences for her at such a young age.
  8. Daniella’s careful navigation of her blossoming relationship with Nacho while keeping her daughter’s best interests at heart demonstrates her dedication to balancing her personal and professional life.
  9. The couple’s journey from reality TV to real life has garnered much interest from fans and media outlets, showcasing the power of love stories that begin in unconventional settings.
  10. Daniella and Nacho’s decision to take their relationship to Paris, a city known for its romantic ambiance, symbolizes their commitment to nurturing their love story beyond the confines of the reality show.


Who is Daniella Navarro?

Daniella Navarro is an actress who was one of the five finalists on the reality show "The House of the Famous 2."

Who is Daniella Navarro's boyfriend?

Daniella Navarro's boyfriend is Nacho Casano, and their relationship started during "The House of the Famous 2."

How did Daniella introduce Nacho to her daughter?

Daniella introduced Nacho to her daughter, Ugueilla Urbina, as a friend and plans to slowly reveal their relationship to her.

Have any other participants from the reality show met Daniella's daughter?

Yes, Ugueilla has met some participants from "The House of the Famous 2," including Eduardo Rodríguez, Rafael Nieves, and Lewis Mendoza.

What are Daniella Navarro and Nacho Casano's future plans together?

Daniella and Nacho plan to go on a trip to Paris, where they will do something symbolic to solidify their relationship.

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