Death Of Ex Policeman’s Son Regarded As Retribution For Past Deeds


A few days ago, on the 16th of May 2020, a case came into limelight, about an ex-police officer, Andy Ugwu, whose son Augustine Ugwu was shot dead by policemen of the Anti-Cult unit in Nsukka, Enugu state.

Mr. Ugwu’s 27 year old son was alleged by the policemen to be a cultist, and was shot dead.

“On Wednesday, April 29, the chairman of the local government brought the guys(killers) under his supervision; they work directly under him and are called anti-cult. We met at the police station and I asked the chairman, ‘Why did you recruit these people to terminate the life of my son?’

Then he started begging me, saying it was something we could sort out. I asked if he would produce my son alive. He started begging before the Area”, Mr. Ugwu lamented in a recent interview with Punch Newspaper.

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Many Nigerians are however of the opinion that former Police Officer, Andy Ugwu is reaping the rewards of karma. According to comments on the incident, Ugwu was a terror to young men in Nsukka for many years. Ugwu is alleged to have carried out several extrajudicial killings against young men who he alleged were cultists.

“For many years while in service, Andy Ugwu extrajudicially killed young men he alleged were cultists. Today, and while in retirement, Karma served him the bitterpill: his only son was executed by the police for cultism”, Twitter user and human rights activist, Abdul Mahmud said.

Other Twitter users have backed up Mahmud’s assertions, reiterating that the death of Ugwu’s son was a karmic reaction to his past.

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Ugwu however seemed oblivious of his alleged past misdeeds, saying that even if his son had been a cultist, he did not deserve death.

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“So I looked at the whole issue and wondered how they would just terminate the life of my son for no reason. No one has told me what my son did. Even if he was the one that created cultism in the whole world, at least he should have been taken to court and the proper thing would have been done”, Ugwu is quoted to have said.

“Everybody in Nsukka knows what these people do; they terrorise the town. All these people who claim to be civilian anti-cult group members were recruited to suppress political opponents. I have a close friend who is also an officer there, who saw everything. As time progresses, how they killed my son will be revealed.

That officer told me that before my son was killed, he said, ‘Oga, take me to court. Do you see me with anything incriminating? I am a law student.’ As he was saying that, one of the officers said ‘your cup don full’, and he shot him. He then told the others to also shoot him and they shot him in the head”, Ugwu narrated.

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