Destruction as Ebonyi Community attacked by over 500 Cross River Warriors (PHOTOS)

by on January 20, 2017
On the 13th of January 2017, the people of Azuofia-Edda community of Abakaliki Local Government Area in Ebonyi State while in the comfort of their homes, on a very cold harmattan morning, sleeping, filled with dreams and plans on activities for the day, were attacked by a consortium of villages of Ofomana, Ogwurude (Ekori), Ofonama, Okinbogha, Ogamana, Ovurokponu, Okpechi, Ofenagama, Eja, and Ujitum all in Obubra Local Government Area of Cross River state.

This attack started by 4am with sporadic shootings from warriors said to have numbered over five hundred, without enough time for the villagers of Azuofia-Edda community to save their lives or properties – they were outnumbered.

These aggressors from the aforementioned Obubra villages had travelled over ten kilometres to reach the villages of Azuofia-Edda community. Villagers fleeing their homes reported that amongst the attackers were hired fighters and warriors, native doctors brandishing charms of all kinds and youths of various age groups carrying sophisticated weapons – including machine guns and Kalashnikovs, machetes, axes, motorized saws and petrol etc., with the sole aim of wiping out the villages in Azuofia-Edda community.

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