GOP announces 15pc Disparity allowance for Employees

Sedhar Punjab will increase Teachers Salaries before Budget 2022

Islamabad ( The Breaking Times – Arshad Butt ) The federal government of Pakistan has announced an increase in the salaries of government employees. According to the Ministry of Finance, employees of grades one to nineteen will be given 15% disparity allowance.

Disbursement allowances will be given to federal government employees on basic salaries which will be applicable from March 1st. In addition, the provinces have been recommended to announce the allowance as well.

The Finance Division has also prepared a summary for timely promotion of employees. According to the Finance Ministry, a summary of time scale promotion is being considered. A summary is being considered for the promotion of employees who have been working in the same grade for a long time.

According to the Finance Ministry, the decision on staff upgrade in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be taken by April. The finance ministry added that it was awaiting a report from the pay commission to integrate the allowance into the basic pay. The government has issued a press release today.

press release for employees

The decision to integrate an ad hoc relief allowance into the basic salary will be taken later. On the recommendation of the Pay and Pension Commission, it will be decided to merge the ad hoc relief and allowance in the salaries. The federal government has also recommended to the provinces to increase the salaries of government employees by the same proportion.

Sedhar Punjab will increase TTeacing and non teaching staff Salaries before Budget 2022. After the announcement teachers unions are considering to postpone the protest. Rehman ali Bajwa Voice of Employees is talking to the people gathered for the protest.

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