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Do not accept $1.8Bn Gunboats from US, Reps warn FG 

by on April 4, 2017

Federal government was yesterday warned not to accept 100 gunboats worth $1.8billion from United States, as such gift would further enhance commercialisation of the Nigerian Navy.

House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee Chairman on US/Nigerian Relations, Ehiozuwa Johnson Agbonayinma, who gave this warning during a chat with our correspondent, described the gesture from the US to the Nigerian Navy as a ‘Greek Gift.’

Representing Ikpoba/Oha/Egor Federal Constituency in Edo state, the lawmaker noted that the gift will not in any way favour the Nation as this is a bait that will make the country to look the other way and commercialise its waterways.
Agbonayinma said: “If you commercialise our waterways you are already undermining our national security which is not negotiable in any part of the world as our sovereignty will be greatly threatened.
“A man who sets a trap with a shark wants to catch a blue whale so when you are given a 100 gunboats for free don’t expect it to just remain same because we’ll pay through our nose later.
“Each of the gunboat is worth $98million amounting to $1.8bn for the 100 gunboats but the unknown consequences to Nigerians is that the investor would recoup his investment and Nigerians would lose billions of dollars worth of crude oil and LNG through the back door.
“For instance, we’ve been told we produce 2.2mbd but how do we measure this by using the meter produced by multinational companies to measure the quantity of crude purchased, calibrated and operated by same multinational companies and you expect accuracy.
“If we commercialise our navy today, same scenario will play out as another cabal will emerge and our national security will be greatly affected as we’ll be leaving all our security operatives in the hands of foreigners and this could spell doom for us.
“All over the world, the armed forces are well funded by the Federal Government to avoid foreign influence.”
Recall that the lawmaker had last week moved a motion to stop the commercialisation of the Nigerian Military Defence (Navy) by foreign groups. To this end, the House had resolved that the Ministry of Defence should foreclose any further negotiation on commercialisation of the Nigerian Navy by foreign groups led by Shorefac Consortium Limited.

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  • gboyegaa
    April 4, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    Nonsense, if it is a gift, we should take it and use it to combat the militants that have better artillery than our military.
    You sounded like someone that does not want these boats to be used to against the militants in your area. How can one refuse a gift that can be of help only because he is guessing that the giver of the may take undue advantage him?
    If you are not corrupt and believe in the anti-corruption mantra of this administration, what you should be suggesting are ways of blocking any form of the manipulation of our security or commercialising of our navy by the donor country as you claim.
    We need these boats and if they are gifts, we should gladly take it and say a big thanks you to the giver.
    This Trump of a guy is out against terrorists, even though most people including myself do not support his hatred of Muslims, accepting these gunboats that will be useful to the country will not mean we support his views about Muslims or will it allow him to dictate to our leaders.


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