Doctor warns, Using Saliva as lubricant during intercourse dangerous

by on July 10, 2019

In a lengthy post, the doctor warned against people using saliva as lubricant during intercourse.

Sharing the dangers, he stated that it can lead to infections When it comes to having consensual intercourse between two adults, anything goes depending on the preference of the two parties involved. However, certain care should be taken in the practice.

Nigerian doctor identified as @vibrantdvick has shared a tip which is making some ‘kerewa’ lovers rethink their lifestyle choices.

In a lengthy post, the doctor stated that people should avoid using saliva as a lubricant when trying to get things moist during intercourse.

He stated that saliva contains digestive enzymes that can prove dangerous to the eco-system of the se’xual organ.

Victor-Bryan Nwala warned that at worst, such practice can cause infections and lead to a difficult, unhealthy life.

See tweet below:

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