Doll Pics 2022 Stylish and Stunning

Dolls come in a variety of shapes and sizes.


A doll is a miniature figurine of a baby or other human being, intended to use as a toy for children. It’s the world’s oldest toy. Dolls are constructed of perishable materials like wood, fur or fabric.

Dolls are available in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. The bodies and faces of China dolls are made of soft cloth. Children can play at being mothers with baby dolls, while stylish dolls such as Barbie can help teenagers picture life as an adult. Dolls appear frequently in literature and movies. The stories of Barbie and American Girl dolls are told in novels and movies.

Formation of Dolls

  • Draw a circle to make the face of the doll.
  • Enclose a spherical form on your head with a curved line for making hair ties. Extend a pair of curving lines from each hair tie.
  • Draw a curving “W” shaped line on the skull to show the hairline.
  • Make the doll’s face. For each eye and the nose, draw a circle. To represent the pupil, draw a tiny circle within each eye. And for the eyebrows, draw a curved line over each eye. For smiling lips, draw a wide “U” shaped line.
  • Form the neck by drawing a “U” shape beneath the skull to make the doll’s body; stretch a long, curving line and double it back on itself.
  • To make the arm, extend another pair of lines.
  • To make the foot’s bottom, draw an oval. Then, to indicate the side of the foot and leg, use curved lines to surround the forms on one side of them.
  • Enclose the opposite foot with an egg shape and a curved line extending from top to bottom. Then draw a couple of lines into the body of the doll.
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