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    Buhari is an enemy to the Ibos simply bcos IBO’s didn’t vote massively for him during election. He decided to maltreat KANU and send soldiers to kill innocent protesters. For what reason should soldiers be detailed to shoot people who gathered to offer prayers for their unjustified detained leader.? Man’s inhumanity.

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    even if buhari contests another election igbos cannever give him a vote with all these wickedness against igbo tribe,he cannot even succeed in this first tenure,igbos are very strong tribe that can do anything,every body knows about it,so caution the president to calm and apologise to the igbos unless he will see what is worse than boko haram and n/delta millitants,infact he may not enjoy his tenure

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    Comment…Buhari wickedness against the igbos did not start now and hr I’d not the only and in it. Truly they re looking for opportunity to go to war the igbos But God will put them to shame via boko haram . and the fulains.


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