DPS Chichawatni Holds a Book Launching Ceremony

Eve, Adam and Satan is a master piece written by Suniya Naseer Mirza.

By : Arshad Farooq Butt

May 28, 2022 is a remarkable day in the History of Divisional Public School and College Sahiwal sub campus chichawatni. We feel proud on our talented member in the Faculty of English Language and Literature Mam Suniya Naseer Mirza.

A fabulous and most energetic Book ceremony was held in DPS Chichawatni. Prestigious Principal Brigadier Retired Mr Syed Anwar ul Hassan Kirmani joined the ceremony and honored the author Suniya Naseer Mirza with his golden words for writing the novel Adam, Eve and Satan.

He encouraged and also admired author’ s hard work. Remember Mr. Kirmani has reviewed the novel while it was getting published. Moreover he shared his views about the novel. Eve, Adam and Satan; is a Tale of:

  1. Rise and Fall
  2. Idealism
  3. Rejection
  4. Egoism
  5. Self- Abnegation

It is a Tale of Virtue & Vice. Theme of the novel is based on Quranic Verses of Surah Bani Israel :

“….and man supplicates evil as he supplicates good..and man is ever hasty… “

Mr. Kirmani suggested the novel specially to our young generation. Our worthy V. Principal Mr Mudassar Rizwan & Section Head Mrs Farhat Abbas was also there to pay tribute to Mam Suniya Naseer Mirza and her literery efforts accompanying with Controller of Examination Depart. Mr Kashif Basheer Kashif whose co-operation made the ceremony more delightful.

Dps chichawatni ceremony

Brig (Retd) Anwar ul Hassan Kirmani admired that it was all Allah’s kindness that the author was being celebrated by rich genius. She was thankful to All the Honorary persons of faculty and also her parents. She was of the view that she never wished fame nor the wealth from literature. Her only wish was to convey her moral lesson and words to her audience.

Novel Eve Adam and Satan

V. Principal Mr Mudassar Rizwan expressed his views that none can compensate a writer’ s efforts rather than encouragement and acknowledgment. All staff members felt thankful to Allah Almighty, having such brilliant member among them. Our talented Author also shared her feelings about the novel. All teaching and non teaching staff was served with refreshment at the end of the ceremony.

About Suniya Mirza

Suniya Mirza writes for Monthly Shua , Kiran and khawateen digests. She also writes for Monthly Arxang International. She joined Imperfect Movies USA by MD Rajan Gupta , last year and also working successfully as a script writer. Eve, Adam and Satan is her remarkable piece of literature.

Eve Adam & Satan.
English Novel.
Published in the United States.
North Haven. C.T
December 21 , 2021.
Book Seller: www.amazon.com

اردو ورژن
حوا، آدم اور شیطان
از علم و عرفان پبلشرز لاہور۔

Eve Adam & Satan is reviews by Mr Attaulhaq Qasmi (Columnist Analyst and Former Head of PTV), Mr. Syed Anwar ul Hassan Kirmani ( Principal DPS Sahiwal ), Faysal Manzoor Khan (Head of content, Hum TV Network) and Doctor Saima Iram (Chairperson of Urdu Depart. G. C. University Lahore).

Books in bulk were gifted by Mrs Hafsa Ghafar S.S Pak Study to DPS Library in regard of Honorary Officials and Mam Suniya Naseer Mirza. A humble gratification for Refreshment Co operated by Sizzle and Grill, Pizza Hut chichawatni.

DPS Chichawatni Ceremony

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