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Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah will Govern Anambra, Obiano’s Seat is Vacant – Cleric

by on October 20, 2016

“I prophesied about President Buhari’s victory and even sent words to the former president, Dr Goodluck Jonathan not to run but he wouldn’t listen. Last year I prophesied that things would get hot as in­flation would rise.”

Today, he is stressing the need for President Muhammadu Buhari to empower local producers and manufacturers.

The Spiritual Head of Soul Revival Ministries, Prophet Iyke Uzukwu,  however urges Nigerians not to de­spair as things would get better from March next year. He however stresses the need for the people to be prayerful so that they would not miss out when Nigeria gets to the Prom­ised Land. According to him, there is urgent need for all and sundry to em­brace agriculture.

“I prophesied that a lot of looters would return stolen funds, people did not lis­ten. But at a time like this, it is imperative for President Muhammadu Buhari to do the needful and encourage local manufacturers and industrialists before ban­ning the importation of essential items. The dollar rate is too high and that is not good for business. The president has a good plan for Nigeria but seems to be doing right things at the wrong time. Joseph in the Bible counseled Pharaoh about impending starva­tion. Buhari should have make things easy before the dollar rate is raised, in his one year agenda. There should plenty to produce then he can then take the step of banning importa­tion, you don’t ban things not produced in the coun­try.

“He should encourage lo­cal manufacturers before banning importation. Elec­tricity is nightmare in Ni­geria. If things will normal­ize, the government should work on electricity. Do you know how many liters of fuel banks and industries burn on daily basis; this is not good for the country. If it is only electricity prob­lem his administration can solve, he should face that. It is not a matter of how big the agenda is.”

Prophet Uzukwu also wants President Buhari to look into the police force, as many of the men and officers are high-handed while doing their job. He noted that the standard practice all over the world is that of a civil police force.

According to him,

“SARS offices across the country have become torture cen­ters where the innocent are intimidated into submis­sion and made to pay their way out to freedom. The of­ficers carry on as if they are above the law just to make more money, people are held perpetually without trials contrary to the stipu­lation of the constitution that suspects should not stay in detention for more than twenty four hours, people now sell their land and other valuable proper­ties to bail their children and loved ones who are unlucky to be arrested by SARS operatives.

The fiery pastor however urged the federal govern­ment to improve on the welfare of policemen and encourage them while car­rying out their duty of se­curing the society because according to him, some of the policemen are really suffering.

“I recently saw a widow of a policeman who died in line of duty. She was suf­fering untold hardship and she even confessed to me that all the promises made by police authorities dur­ing the burial of her late husband are yet to be ful­filled many years after. That is not a good testimony for the police force; govern­ment should work on that.

“I want Buhari to be very careful with a bunch of ca­bals who are trying to run down his government. He should look inside and do the needful before it be­comes too late. Cabals are trying to run his govern­ment, they are insiders; he should look inwards.

The preacher also cau­tioned President Buhari against probing the former president Dr Goodluck Jonathan and his wife be­cause noting that such ven­ture would not end well.

“He should concentrate on the war against Boko Haramists. He should leave Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and wife alone. He was not the first president. No one goes to the stream and start bathing from the waist, you start from the head. Any attempt to prosecute the former president would ag­gravate the tension in Niger Delta. Ninety percent of the nation income comes from Niger Delta, there is need to be careful with them, they are connected to dif­ferent powerful nations and individuals.

The man of God who prophesied that in the mid­dle of last year that judges would be probed, said that the nation’s judiciary is just bad. “You keep hearing about these corrupt judges; there are cases they have not judged in five years while the innocent are lan­guishing in jail.”

He however criticized the manner and approach with which the judges were arrested saying that due process should have been followed in the attempt to fish out corrupt judicial officers. He attributed the approach to the president’s military background which he said the National As­sembly should checkmate.

His words: “The manner of arrest of the judges has to do with the president’s background as a military man. The National Assem­bly should work on the excesses and ensure due process is followed. But any judge found guilty should face the music.

The fiery pastor while commenting on the ad­ministration of Chief Wil­lie Obiano, Anambra State governor said, “I won’t tell you I am satisfied with Obiano’s performance. I see Willy is working on T-shirts, face caps, billboards, cars and buses but we are Anambrarians. You don’t have to advertise to us that you are working. Fashola never advertised his years as a governor of Lagos state but what he did has become a living legacy.

“Willy Obiano should fin­ish the roads initiated by his predecessor. Many roads Willy flagged off are not yet done. His words should be his bond and the one tarred by previous government should be maintained. They are getting bad. The people want to see and feel the im­pact of his government and not hearing the songs of his performance.

“Obiano is trying for pay­ing workers salaries; he is equally trying in the area of security but things have de­teriorated at Upper Iweka area of Onitsha and there is a spill-over effect in Nnewi as people are now robbed in broad day light in Nnewi.

“I want to give Obiano an advice. I have been warning him for the past three years to beware of sycophants. If anyone tells him his of­fice is not vacant, that in­dividual is deceiving him. He should not leave the All Progressives Grand Al­liance (APGA). If he ever tries that he should forget reelection. Many problems will still crop up in APGA but he should stay and tackle the problems. Again, he has problems with a lot of politicians. He should go make peace with them, es­pecially Peter Obi, Ifeanyi Ubah and many others. If he makes peace with these ones, there are chances of his second tenure.

“On Victor Umeh – I gave out a prophesy three years ago at Obi Umudim that he is not going anywhere. If he wants to go further in poli­tics he should remember where he started.”

The man of God who prophesied Buhari’s elec­tion victory and political crises that will later culmi­nate into Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu problems said emphatically that the Chairman of Capital Oil and Gas Industries, Dr. Ifeanyi Ubah would one day gov­ern Anambra State.

His words: “That young man (Ubah) has a lot to of­fer. He is destined to turn things around. He has the capacity and ability to turn things around for the best in Anambra State in just two years. He will turn the state around for the better. If he should listen to the di­rection of God, he will cer­tainly govern the state. But he should beware and wary of sycophants. He should not forget how the syco­phants ran him down in his first aspiration to govern the state. People came to tell him what they are not. He spent heavily on them, yet they did not do anything for him in return to actualize his aspiration.”

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  • peace
    October 20, 2016 at 9:49 am

    Oga na wa o. Dis is pure controversy but I respect u as a man of God but d Spirit of d Most High God is uncontroversial so be straight in ur words.


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