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  1. 1

    Marcel Onukwube

    Buhari and his group have taken the law into their hand by neglecting the court order to release the Biafra Leader that they have kidnapped. I thought they said that no one is above the law? Why Buhari is now above the law?

    1. 1.1

      Peters tobias

      Buhuri is trying to put the world in confuson,

  2. 2

    Chukwu Johnson

    Comment…Buhari Is Chewing What He Cannot Swallow.

  3. 3

    Abu chi

    What do you expect. At the zoo/Nigeria what is sauce for the ‘Yan iko’ self-acclaimed born-to-rule North is designed to be poison for ‘Yan talaka’ downtrodden/wretched of the earth South. Little wonder why the lazy illiterate has lorded it over the elite South for nearly half a decade post independence. This is as disgusting as it is unfortunate.

  4. 4

    Name (required)

    No matter what the zoo are planning. Biafra must stand

  5. 5


    Comment…they want to see us, they will see us.

  6. 6


    What do you expect from corrupt entity do they have law? The Arrested him and denied it but after the agreed they said they are not against Biafrans in anambra when even videos evidence are there the denied killing IPOB but the drunkard Governor #WillieMObiano and hossa kama said that the banned indigenous people ask me who owns the state when the Indigenous People has no right to air there minds towards the fraudsters called Nigeria FREE #BIAFRA #freeNnamdikanu1

  7. 7


    How many times were Buhari been verified before he ascended to office?

  8. 8


    Comment…nigeria army kidnapped my two brothers past three days now no where to be found, free biafran now .

  9. 9


    Comment…# free all biafran now.

  10. 10


    Buhari let Nnamdi kanu go!

  11. 11

    James lwe

    the zoo (Buhari) for your mind you think you are wise or smart but am sorry for you bcoz if anything happen to our leader your children is a history to remember… WillieMObiano we assured you one thing …you will pay with your blood mark it somewhere okay..?

  12. 13


    What do you expect from an illiterate, a lier,corrupt man who forged his certificate? A man who committed treason in 31 Dec. 1983. A man full of bribery to cover BIAFRA case without knowing that he can not bribe God,What do you expect from a man who thinks he is stronger than all men without knowing that he is a cockroach before the almighty God. That is why every steps he takes to close BIAFRAN case makes an impact to the restoration of BIAFRA because he did not go to school. Shame on him.

  13. 14


    No Biafra, No peace. Buhari can kill agitators but cannot kill the message, Biafra is a course whose time has come, there is nothing anybody can do about it. Buhari and all ur nigeria executives should get it straight…Nigeria has expired and Biafra must be free…or Nigeria will burn.

  14. 15

    chukwuemeka sunday

    Comment…oh god of creation your people has being dinied of there right of freedom by the zoo called nigeria goverment, oh god of biafrans we’re calling on ur name to help ur people to fight the zoo govt and there corrupt army and leaders. crush dose who want the down foil of ur people amen, oh hail biafra oh hail freedom, paece for biafra katakata for the zoo govt


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