Life of Duilia Setacci Being a Mother of Justice Smith

The mother has always significantly impacted every child’s ability, motivating them to pursue a successful and happy life. Duilia Setacci is one of them for being a good mother of Justice Smith.

Smith is an American actor and well known for his role as Franklin Webb in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Julia is the mother of nine children, and one is Justice Smith. Dulia is famous as a celebrity mother. Here in the article, we will discuss all the details of Duilia Smith.

Duilia Setacci’s Son Justice Smith

Duilia Setaci lives in the United States, but her date of birth and place of residence have never been disclosed. She has American citizenship and has roots in Italian heritage.

As we already said, Duilia became famous because of his son Justice Smith, who is a famous actor. He grew up in California along with his three brothers and four sisters. Justice made his way into the entertainment industry and gained success.

Their singing and acting skills were inherited and inspired him to follow his dream in Hollywood. In an interview, Justice Smith shared his experience while growing up among two singer parents.

Furthermore, he told his mother that he always commented on his singing when he sang in a car. Over time, Justice’s interest in acting increased, and he became famous globally. In the end, Justice pursued his career in acting instead of singing.Duilia Setacci Son Justice Smith

Professional Life

Duilia never talked about her career and profession, as she is the popular mother of Justice Smith. He is a talented and emerging actor, as everyone knows him. He started acting in 2012 with a small role in the short movie Trigger Finger.

Justice appeared in an episode of the HBO documentary ‘Masterclass.’ Moreover, the actor appeared in two episodes of the comedy series ‘The Thundermans.’ He also appeared in many YouTube videos of Vlog Brothers.

In the Thundermans, he was only 19 years old, and at that time, he lacked some major skills. Smith worked hard and then played a leading character, Quentin Pals, in the comedy-drama movie ‘Paper Town’ in 2015.

Similarly, he debuted in the musical drama The Get Down Launched in 2016 on Netflix but was canceled in 2017. Furthermore, he played the major part of Ezekiel Figuero in a series.

Smith played the role in a romantic fantasy series, Every Day, and played the role of Justin. In another blockbuster urban fantasy mystery flick, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, in 2019, played former Pokemon trainer ‘Tim Goodman.’

Duilia Setacci Family

Duilia married Wayne Smith, who was her long-time boyfriend. No more relationship details are available, and I don’t need to know the exact date of their wedding. But the couple has a wonderful time and is not involved in controversies. Wayne and Duilia had nine children: four sons and five daughters.

Justice Smith is their fifth child; other children are Angelique Smith, Wayne Smith Jr, Cameo Smith, Richard Smith, and Felicia Smith. Mark Cruz Smith, Adrienne Smith, Victoria Smith. He always posted his photos and videos on Instagram along with her family. His mother always supports the children and loves to spend time with them.Duilia Setacci

Duilia Setacci’s Net Worth

We don’t know about Duilia’s occupation; therefore, determining her earnings and net worth is challenging. However, she gained fame as the mother of Hollywood actor Justice Smith.

The young and brilliant Smith has much money from his acting profession. Their acting success allowed him to appear in several advertisements and commercials. So, his net worth is his mother’s net worth, which is an estimated $1 million.

Facts About

  • Duilia and Wayne have a family of nine kids: four sons and five daughters.
  • She has red hair and dark eyes, which makes her attractive.
  • On 5th June 2020, her son Justice came out as LGBT in Black Lives Matter protests.
  • Duilia has American nationality but also belongs to the Italian ethnic group.
  • Duilia’s estimated net worth is $1 million.
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