by on March 6, 2016
Like the popular assertion in the Holy book where God descended on Saul through lightening and asked
” Saul! Saul!!, why art thou persecuting me? ” The same query seems to be rendering through the atmosphere of Edo State as the answers to same question remained sketchy as answered by Saul whom God  later changed his name to Paul.
Edo State has been persecuted for the past seven years, only witnessed the pump and pageantry of a foreign wife brought into her fore, a feat that never represented what development means to the Edos.
Only a true descendant of the soil with open mind has the key to rescue the land of the great Ovaremnwen and Ewekas.. EARL OSARO ONAIWU Is the simple solution to the puzzle posing before Edo People.

The present terrain in Edo State has placed and inundated several persons at the close range of lost in words, extinct in ideas and  what next  to do.
The taxes which have remained a major burden to the people of Edo State is one side suffering, it is a burden in the sense that what they bargained for, turned to be opposite in anticipation to their earlier expectations which they pressumed  before now, will be invested into the rail of hope in order to ameliorate their plight. All their expectations have been dashed as Oshiomole and his cohorts have catapulted Edo State into the class of incomplete disorder.
The under development and lots of abnormal actives has greeted the affairs of Edo State. Edo state as it stands today, has bed wetted under the shade of political melancholy This in all sincerity, has given Edo State first position in terms of development and economic face lift  from behind. A bizarre report card that will and can only be corrected with the beaming light of hope in the forthcoming election.
Despite the current lamentations from Edo People, their hope seems to be beckoning at a rare timing juncture, this is in consonant with the forth coming Gubernatorial election in the State. An opportunity no single living being in Edo State is willing to trade with. Even with the numerous candidates running and vying for the number of seat, with the present economic and corruption cleansing, only one person is outstanding with sound unblemished character. EARL OSARO ONAIWU it is.
There is therefore, no gain saying to reiterate how disappointing the leadership of the State has been to Her subject . Rather than accepting and working on its lapses, hatred for simple truth has bitterly given rooms to blame game and ceaseless cards of vengeance and vindictive practices which we witness and still witnessing on daily basis, thereby  perceiving  every outspoken idol as an enemy of the Edo State Government Shame!
What we have witnessed in the last seven years under the irritating and soar administration of the present Government is better accepted in imagination than elucidations.
In all this, EARL OSARO ONAIWU, has come to developmental judgment.
Without mincing words, the supercilious and vituperations of  Oshiomole which some, out of credence and intellectual insolvent likened to be among the grandiloquent mantra called change, is nothing but cupidity of recreant and pretentious decadence. An act Edo people will chase away with all their might and will never again give room for such hullabaloo of deceitful manifestos. Thank Goodness, EAR OSARO ONAIWU, A decent character and high flier both in managerial and economic development has taken the Centre stage.
It is therefore laughable and erroneously nefarious waste of valuable years  in the office without anything being  recorded as arid as the sands of Sahara. The high level of acrimonious display of stagnancy is not only a depredator of time but has umbrazenly elucidated Oshiomole ‘s concave of empty personnels running the affairs of intelligent millions of Edo indigenes, hence, Edo State  present economy situation is as bare as a stone. All these clustered together is no excuse of sedentary declivity of not  applying what it truly takes to rule and possibly pishoque Edo State  to where it belongs in the country’s economy table.  With the forthcoming election, corrections to the past will be boldly made as a man with monumental personality has come to place the pegs in its rightful position.
EARL OSARO ONAIWU Is simply the answer to Edo search, OSARO ONAIWU Is the true Talisman to Edo State quest.
With EARL OSARO ONAIWU, Edo state will record a new chapter of economic infrastructures and massive development.
With EARL OSARO ONAIWU, The raging puzzle of Edo State has just begun to hit it’s winning point.
We admire you, your Excellency!
Prince Chux Davix
Founder, National President,
Rescue Nigeria for Nigerians

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