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ECOWAS Forces arrive Gambia, Standoff with Gambian Soldiers (PHOTOS)

by on January 23, 2017
ECOWAS forces have arrived Banjul,Gambia to install new president Adama Barrow. There was no time to brew the tea that was promised by the Chief of Defence Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces, Ousman Badjie as columns of ECOMIG forces quickly stormed into the capital Banjul after the departure of ex-Gambian President Yahya Jammeh.

According to journalist and Human Rights activist, MamaLinguere Sarr, there was a standoff as soldiers at the State House negotiated to hand over to the ECOWAS forces after arrival..

Civilians who gathered outside the presidential palace were reportedly in support of the ECOWAS forces and angry with the soldiers for supporting former president Yahya Jammeh before his exile and also urged them to open the gate for the troops to take control ahead of the new president, Adama Barrow’s arrival from Senegal.


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