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    I have never read so much bullshit in one article. This is full of bullshit. Very one-sided, partisan article. The press are supposed to be the middle-men. Rubbish!

  2. 2


    Chai! The foolishness behind this article can not be overstated. A man campaigns with his twitter account before elections then after winning, he changes the handle and verifies with twitter and that is fishy to you? Did GEJ ask for the same handle and get refused by twitter? So because he won it now means twitter somehow cheated in his favour. Pray tell, whose campaign hashtags trended the most on twitter during the election period; GEJ’s or Buhari’s?
    See ehn, just get a life abeg! Your site already sucks, don’t make it much worse!

  3. 3

    jonathan maxwell

    this is absolute rubbish, am suprise musiliu obanikoro can retweet this and post it on his facebook page. this is baseless.

  4. 4


    Very true. This needs to be investigated urgently.

  5. 5


    Kudos for this revelation. That there were conspiracies internally and externally to fraudulently support Buhari’s candidacy does not surprise me. Not a few have been working overtime to concoct an Avalanche of fabricated phantom corruption stories and other anti GEJ orchestrations to derail the last administration. The latest was the orchestrated mess of electricity blackouts and fuel scarcity just to paint a picture that GMB is inheriting a basket case. Anything built on fraud will meet its demise in no time. Let us see how far they can go with deceit.

  6. 6


    This is arrant Nonsense and against the ethics of Social Media. Am beginning to get scared of using twitter!

  7. 7

    Oluwaseun Akinwande

    Of all the problems Nigeria is facing, this is Musiliu Obanikoro’s best he has to highlight. Does anyone imagine what calamity could have befallen Lagosians if this man had emerged governor?

  8. 8


    Is this news?
    Is this relevant?
    To what end and how is this particularly important?

    What is the point of this?

  9. 9


    Obanikoro and his Boyz needs to get a life #bunchofloosers


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