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    Comment…it a means the northers in quato has been using to divert from the real issue that has been on ground unsettle(i.e restructuring) the country which will go a long way of bringing a lasting solution to peace and unity. Culture only add little or no impact to our way of life or generally life sytle. if i like i can accept it and If I don’t want no body will force me to take it.

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    But come to think of it . If all of us internalize our individual cultures , who will externalize the much desired Nigerian culture ? Is high time we stopped encouraging and celebrating this cultural differences or we may start administering this country according to our cultural divides .
    These cultural celebrations will tell the Anambra boy Obi , born and living in kafanchan , that he has another root other than Kafanchan which his parents have never even told him about because for the past 10yrs of the boys life the family has not gone to Anambra as a family .
    From that day the boy will know that he is different from Kabir , Tunde , Adamu , Osaze etc .
    Then the thunder will strike home to him when the result of the entrance to the NIGERIAN UNITY SCHOOLS is released and THOSE ADMITTED AND THEIR SCORES PUBLISHED . Are we still guessing where we are heading to ?
    Rt. Hon (Dr) Nnamdi Azikiwe , the GREAT ZIK OF AFRICA , at the run up to the independence stated that he was not bothered if him , Sir Balewa or Chief Awolowo became the Prime Minister so far as Nigeria got his independence . Are we still on that stand as a standard for out children , the future Nigerians ? Can we genuinely say today ” WE DON’T CARE WHICH TRIBE TAKES NIGERIA TO THE STARS AS LONG AS NIGERIAN FLAG IS HOISTED THERE EVEN BEFORE THAT OF USA ” ?
    I stop here .


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