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    Alfa John

    Its becoming increasingly clearer by the hour, that PMB, Buratai_COAS and their Saudi Wahhabi sponsors are getting more and more desperate. But, alas! U have failed completely! And U’ll continue to fail by the day. The blood of innocent citizens butchered and hidden in Mass graves to hide evidences will continue to hunt you. Who ever is current on contemporary issues knows that, this whole article is nothing but a wahhabi/ISIS like ideas and dreams, any sensible person knws that the article is complete Garbage. But thanks for calling for the prosecution of sheikh Elzakzaky, let them take him to court pls, the whole world is calling on them to do the same! But suprisingly they can’t. We dare you PMB! Take El-Zakzaky to court, and from that day you will not be able to show your face to the world, and shame! Will be your clothing!

  2. 2


    you’re nothing but and idiot
    you’re saying nothing but rubbish.
    your sponsors will live you astray.
    Bias Animal.

  3. 3

    M A Qassem

    [OPINION: El-Zakzakky: Why the law must take its course ▷ NAIJ.COM] is good,have a look at it! https://www.naij.com/992937-nigeria-must-shutdown-iranian-embassy-cso.html

    After embarrassing themselves with the gruesome crime against innocent citizens , crime against humanity, irresponsible people that lack all human dignity like Alphonsus Okeme, if at all he truely exist are now used to manage the damage done by the Nigerian Army.

    Definitely a sane person with right thinking faculties will not write this trash. It is a blatant display of compound ignorance by the trash writer. In this 21ts Century where facts are easy to get access some one been paid by agents inhumanity to deceive the public and ascribe boko haram to Shiites. It is now clear that the soldiers that attack Sheikh Zakzaky in his home and massacred 1000+ in less than 48 hours have no difference with Boko Haram .The Nigerian president lied that he had finished with boko haram and now America is to begin air raids on boko haram. The Army said they have killed Shekau and now he has resurrected and he declared that Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers are astray while the animal that wrote this piece is making efforts in vein to link IMN with boko haram. I think the writer needs to see a psychiatric. The Iranian Ambassador finished his tenure as ambassador to Nigeria and Buhari treated them to a send off at the Villa in Abuja along with his counterpart from China. I don’t know where this mad idiot got his own facts from. All the write-up is full of trash.

    Has he forgotten than Boko Haram attack Shaikh Zakzaky followers in 2015 and killed tens of his followers !

    The writer has just exposed himself and the bad eggs in the Nigerain Army set up. Is this the Democracy people voted for ? How does the government fight corruption then

    I support the Freedom of Shaikh Zakzaky.
    The world knows the creators of ISIS , Alqaeda, Boko Haram etc they came from Saudi Wahabi Takfiri ideology to serves Zionist agenda no more no less


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