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“Wetin dem get? Dem no get nothing.

Wetin dem be? Dem no be nothing.

Dem go dey pose, dem go dey denge!!”

The above lyrics are from Baba Fryo’s hit song of the 90’s – DENGE, POSE.

Since assuming office on May 29th 2015, president Buhari has found it convenient to pose around the country/world, telling whoever cares to be deceived that Nigerians have already started enjoying change; well since change is a relative word, the change crew can believe whatever they choose to but in fullness of time, the cry of the baby will be heard down the street!

During the campaigns we were told General Buhari had defeated terrorism before. Pa even bragged to us that age is a thing of the mind; hence his resolve to lead the war against terrorism from the front (whatever that means).  After being sworn in as president, he right away launched the ’empty denge’ campaign by declaring that the military high command had been moved to Maiduguri, the ‘denge – pose volunteer dance crew’ hailed this ‘world class’ move; next, Mr. president brought on board a ‘fit’ chief of army staff (who demonstrated his fitness by showing off his pushups prowess on national TV) – how all these have helped the fight against insurgency, I am yet to see.

Recently the terrorist group has intensified their onslaught against innocent citizens. We have seen for the first time, five bombings within 24 hours – a clear indication that our intelligence gathering has only gotten worse. The Nigerian military has also joined the ’empty denge crew’ by steadily telling stories that do not add up. All we hear is that terrorists are surrendering and are also being decimated. The army chief is always in the news with sweet bedtime stories, what they do not seem to realize is that all these stories have not deterred the terrorist from striking at their convenience nor does propaganda/noise win wars. Majority of Nigerians have in the past(and will continue to) supported the military, therefore it would be better if the army tells less lies to these ones in order to be able to concentrate on the task at hand.

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The rampaging Fulani herdsmen have gradually become a menace to Nigerian (north central, south west, south east and south south) farmers. The height of their recklessness being the kidnap of Chief Olu Falae after destroying over a kilometer of his farm, unsurprisingly the change government (like previous ones) have kept quiet, preferring to look the other way (I wonder what change they represent then), while the Fulani army march on farms mostly cultivated without any assistance whatsoever from government. I really hope the government will also maintain its silence when the farmers also begin to use whatever means necessary to protect themselves and their means of livelihood from these mindless invaders.

The Bayelsa and Kogi gubernatorial ‎elections risk being postponed and all the work being done so far by both INEC and the respective political parties would amount to nothing, because the president who has a SAN as vice president does not understand the relevant laws relating to the constitution of INEC. Since the president is not a learned fellow, if there is any substance in their leadership the vice president ought to have know that two INEC commissioners and an (then) acting chairlady cannot form a quorum to take any important decision regarding an election. I join the ‘denge -pose dance crew’ to congratulate the vice president on his numerous achievements since assuming office beyond what previous vice president could ever do – including his failure to advise his boss on very simple issues regarding the law until yesterday (that’s assuming he was the one that told his boss the need to do the right thing, at least this one time) and hoping the damage has not already been done.

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The fate of the judiciary is yet to be known. How independent it will be in the next four years only Nostradamus can accurately predict! The Bukola Saraki, court of appeal and code of conduct tribunal drama of Monday has exposed what the Buhari presidency has in its play book. The presidency and the judiciary can keep up with the denials – which for now are not necessary; but if the baby died in the morning after the witch cried at night, would it be improper to accuse the witch of killing the baby? Time will indeed reveal more.

It is two months to the end of the year; a serious government which promised to hit the ground running on assumption of office is yet to appoint ministers. It took the president four months of dancing around to come up with his star list of noise makers. If this move on the 30th of September was not one of those characteristic playing to the gallery attitude of this government, one wonders why more than eleven ministerial nominees already confirmed by the senate have not been assigned portfolios by the president. Perhaps Mr. President is still waiting on the contractors to deliver the saintly robes of his ministers. Equally there are parastatals whose functions are higher than that of some ministries and which the president does not need confirmation of his nominees by anybody before he can appoint such persons; why has the president not gone ahead to do the needful? Or will he keep studying the handover notes for another six months before he can find suitable people for such offices.

Since taking over power, this administration is yet to embark on ONE project by whatever name. State governments sworn in on the same with the president have already begun doing the needful. From Udom Emmanuel(who has embarked on the task of industrializing his state) to Nyesom Wike (who is making visible impacts aimed at correcting unexplainable actions of the immediate past governor and ‘star’ ministerial nominee Chibuike ‎Amaechi) to Professor Ben Ayade (who two days ago, made the president experience firsthand what it feels like to flag-off a capital project, the same project some mischievous persons have tried to ascribe to the federal government) et al. Gradually we are beginning to see those who have a grasp of what promising and delivering on their campaign promises is all about. What the presidency is yet to tell us is where the revenues that have accrued within these five months are and what it will be used for subsequently.

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While the economy is dancing “go down low”(from all available local and international financial indices) and the president and his crew busy ‘dengeing’ and ‘posing’ all over the place; those who have not allowed themselves to be deceived by the lying tongues are earnestly waiting for the rainy season to begin in December(as Mr. president has predicted) and praying the rain washes away all our problems – the inconsistent body language inclusive; while bringing in its wake a better economy and the fulfillment of at least the 5,000 Naira monthly stipend promised jobless youths.

For now fellow citizens, let us all ‘denge and pose’ till the rain of change begins to fall!

Enenim Ubon is on twitter @EnenimUbon


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