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    Comment…But I read a news report where a police officer in Enugu was reported as saying the Enugu massacre was not carried out by Herdsmen! The police IG as was the case in Agatu downplayed the crime and the casualty figure. How many people need to be murdered to arouse the Nigerian police to action?

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    Comment…DSP Ebere Amarizu should tel d world if Zure is an igboman,a Yorubaman&a Huasaman.shame on him,DSP Amarizu should resign 4rm NPF for standing so low b/c of money.May God punish Him

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    That heartless ASP should be called back to defend his misleading statement . God will punish him . He would not escape God’s judgement.

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    donald trump

    Wonders shall never end, imagine such terrible terrorism. Police downplay the whole issue by telling the world the massacre was not carried by forth rated terrorist in the world (fulani herdsmen) because of collecting bribe, how can you turn open crime upside down. Crime that even everybody know it was carried by fulani herdsmen. When will Nigeria police change. This is a pity this country has refuse to be one if then let the so called country disintegrate instead of killing of Christians in south by Northern Muslims. Blood thirsty demons.

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    Pls the Sultan should respond now, and possibly deny his kinsman. Shame on all who were busy defending the evil Fulani herdsmen, has God not exposed them now. If the Police is serious, now the have all the lead they need to fish out these evil murderers.

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    Uzo anyagu

    Comment…that’s haw buhari and nigeria poleticians & play poleticks with people life in this country, but i now is GOD PASS THE ALL.

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    Mbaka junior Nsk

    Ebere Amarizu have you heared the Zure confession, you told the whole public that the attack was by hudlums and not by fulani heldsmen just because they have bribed you, shame on you and may you be sacked as your CP was sacked because of this incedent.


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