Enyioha, the mission to transform Anambra State

by on January 4, 2020

Enyioha Development Movement (EDM) and our mission to transform Anambra State, with you!

Ndi Anambra, I salute you all! As you all come back from your holidays, I would like to present an Enyioha Development Movement plan for Ndi Anambra:-

1. Anambra was said to have the best road network in Nigeria.

Unfortunately, many of these roads are not being maintained. From crossing Enugu State into Anambra at Ufuma, through Ihiala, all over Anambra State and travelling through Anaku to Omor, the roads have turned into death traps and are a disaster.
I have a blueprint for the best maintenance roads of roads using affordable technology and would want to deploy this all over Anambra, so that the greatest foundation of road networks in Nigeria, laid by Chris Ngige and Peter Obi, is properly maintained, expanded and turned into legacy infrastructure.

There will be road maintenance centres with affordable road maintenance equipment in each Local Government of Anambra so that all roads in Anambra are fixed and properly maintained. I am working for legacy and sustainability structures that will be generational, not for cosmetic social media propaganda.

All these centres will also have fire fighting equipment so that Anambra is spared from fire incidents like we just witnessed in Onitsha.

2. Water and irrigation is something that I want to see happen on a massive scale in Anambra. No community in Anambra should be without water reticulation. There are basic solutions, like Ram Pumps, which will need no diesel for water pumps, which we will use to pump out water all over Anambra. This will be sustainable and affordable so that there will be little or no recurrent cost. A few weeks ago, I visited Umumbo, only to learn that many communities in Anambra like Umumbo, have not had any community water in centuries. This is something that I wish to address at once. Water is life.
All communities in Anambra must-have community water, plus, excess for irrigation, so that there is all year round farming all over Anambra. In addition, it pains me to see that there are few irrigation sites working in Anambra when Anambra used to be one of the key irrigation States for all year round farming in Africa. I want to bring back this all year round farming in Anambra, by providing irrigation infrastructure, in all strategic farming communities in Anambra. This way, Anambra can become the food basket of the South East, farmers can increase their incomes by 100% and processors will set up more mills and factories all over Anambra, as the feedstock is available.

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3. Enyioha Development Movement (EDM), have a masterplan to open, activate and expand the Anambra waterways. River Niger, Omabala River (Anambra River) and Ezu Rivers are some of the first places where we want to start our Anambra Inland Water Services. We have understudied similar in Asia and Europe, and Anambra has enough water bodies and cargo to start this Anambra Waterway service. Petroleum products will move from Aguleri Otuocha to Onitsha market, Hero Beer will be moved via boats from Onitsha up to Ifite Ogwari, milled rice will move from Anaku to Asaba, whilst the entire roads in Anambra will be decongested as shallow bottom river barge services like Germany, Thailand, Holland and America will take off all off Anambra. We shall not wait for dredging of our water ways, as we will do exactly what the leading river transporters do in the world, namely, we will deploy flat bottom river barges all over. 4. Enyioha Development Movement (EDM) has a blueprint to reduce the carbon emissions in Anambra, starting with all the commercial markets eg Onitsha, Obosi, Nnewi, Ekwulobia etc We will install solar panels in all markets, discard all generators in the markets, reduce carbon emissions and gain carbon credits. From pollution centres and noisy markets, we will create green commercial centres in all major markets of Anambra. Also, we will ensure that all the major towns in Anambra with a lot of waste, will have at least one waste to wealth project on a PPP basis, basically, turning waste to energy, waste to biomass or waste to fertilizer. We will give the concession and land, then, get in the investors to invest and manage such waste to wealth projects. We will be working with the UN, EU, ADB, FGN and other development partners on this.

5. Enyioha Development Movement intends to engage with Anambra schools and understand all the issues at stake. We will be soliciting for free education in Anambra, up to a certain level and nothing less than one free meal in school for the children. I visited Rwanda for this and will soon unfold my educational plans for Anambra in details. All Anambra children deserve free education, at least, to a certain secondary school level. We will engage with the World Bank, but also private sector groups like Microsoft, for an ambitious digital education revolution in Anambra.
6. Enyioha Development Movement has been understudying health care solutions, globally. Apart from Government resources, we want to engage with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for improved health care services, UNICEF, WHO and other global organisations, for top health facilities in all local governments of Anambra. We will also engage the private sector, for at least one world-class hospital to be cited in Anambra, that will include best facilities for cancer, liver, kidney and complex issues, to be sited in Anambra. I want to turn Anambra into a centre of excellence for health. Apart from the best healthcare facilities, I want to work on a data bank of all Anambra health care providers, both in Nigeria and in the diaspora, to engage their services for Anambra. Just like for education, I want to start a healthcare revolution in Anambra State.

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7. Security. Enyioha Development Movement wants all Anambra Security Vote monies to be published. I have never understood how public monies can be used at a Governor’s sole and personal discretion and there is no accountability and transparency at all. The first thing I will do is to publish how the entire Anambra Security Vote funds are spent, to the very last Kobo. Each Local Government Area in Anambra will have drones flying to monitor crime, traffic and anything illegal. I have the best international security experts for this. Anambra will be turned to the safest State in Nigeria.

8. Industrialization. I have pointed out using solar for green energy and waste will be turned to biomass or fertilizer in Anambra. We will support large scale industrialization and commercial activities by creating the best enabling environment in Nigeria in Anambra. We will set policies for power, best road networks, water, security and industrial parks all over Anambra. I recently visited Asia to understudy how the Asian Tigers did it and we will be doing something similar in Anambra, with the mission to make Anambra, the new centre of industry in Africa. That is our goal.

9. Enyioha Innovation and Research Hub will soon take off, but this is something that I want to change into Anambra Innovation and Research Hub. Ihiala has a valley that can be developed into a silicon valley. We want a centre of excellence in Anambra for innovation and research. I will spare no effort in engaging with the best in the world for innovation, from the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany to the Israeli Ministry of Innovation, from the Chinese to the Americans, I will engage with all to bring the best of the best to Anambra. We want to move alongside the most phenomenal global innovative trends and ensure that Anambra has a centre of excellence, where innovation is nurtured and turned into commercial products.

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10. Community and Conflict Resolution. Enyioha Development Movement wants to set up a peace committee, that will engage with all conflicting communities in Anambra to bring back lasting peace in Anambra. It saddens me when I travel through communities in Anambra and hear stories of community conflicts. This is something that I know that I can help solve and a committee will be formed that will start to engage and help communities solve their differences.

11. Remodelling Awka. I grew up in Enugu, which was the old capital of Anambra State. Enugu used to be the capital of East Central State as well and these are things that I witnessed. Then, I moved to Abuja and Ihiala. Awka will be totally remodelled. I will ensure that there is a proper Awka Capital Masterplan and that we build Awka into a befitting capital. Unfortunately, Awka today has been turned into a glorified village with one of the worst drainage systems and no attention to any masterplan layouts. We will change this in record time.

12. Enyioha Development Movement will engage with all Anambra women. Women are the mothers of the Nation, the homemakers and the backbones of all, but today in Anambra, women are totally being neglected. We will empower all Anambra women, so that more and new Dora Akunyilis, Chimamanda Adichie’s and even female rocket scientists will arise all over Anambra.
My Appeal:- Ndi Anambra, I cannot do this alone, thus, I am appealing for your support, morally, you’re helping hands to aid our movement, financial support, your prayers and we want you to just believe in our agenda so that we can jointly release Anambra from bondage and take us to the promised land.

God bless you all!

God bless Anambra!

We are Stronger – Together

Chief Ugochukwu Okeke
Enyioha Development Movement

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