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    Comment…is very unfortunate is emir of kano is aware of it. Jesus at work,

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    Why are these Muslims in the North allowed to get away with so much while other Nigerians watch helplessly? If the reverse was the case, Arase would have instructed his men to descend on the people like a ton of bricks and release the girl.
    This administration is supposed to be fighting corruption, what do you call this, and why would the Emir encourage kidnapping of people from other states and have them forcibly converted to Islam. I am begining to understand why SE wants to go go its separate way from the country where there is a country with a country.
    Do these boys milling around Emir’s palace not go to work or school. God help Nigeria
    I hope this family is compensated for all the trauma caused them even though it will do little ameliorate the sufferings they went through.


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