ESE ORURU| Yunusa Betrayed me, We will not Abort Pregnancy – Ese’s Mother

by on March 4, 2016

Father of 14-year old Ese, a teenager allegedly abducted from Bayelsa to Kano, Charles Oruru, yesterday gave reasons why his daughter’s five months pregnancy may not be aborted.

Ese’s father who spoke with our correspondent via telephone conversation said at five months it was too risky to birth any idea to have her pregnancy terminated considering the consequences that might followed.

Oruru who lamented the involvement of the pregnancy into the saga explained that although her parents were not thinking of removing the pregnancy but such decision purely lies with the team of lawyers and the government who have taken charge of the case.

He noted that although h has seen Ese, his 14 years daughter was still harboured by the Bayelsa State Police Command due to the nature of her health.

Ese’s father expressed happiness that his daughter was back home. He thanked Nigerians and the media for the support the family had enjoyed since the saga began.

In his words, “Yes it was confirmed that was five months pregnant. I’ve seen my daughter and it’s true she’s pregnant. We are not thinking about abortion. It’s very sad that pregnancy came into the issue but it is left women lawyers and the government to decide the fate of the pregnancy.

“At five it will be too risky for us to think about abortion. The child would have almost fully developed in the womb. The whole world is now looking to us and whatever step we take will be noticed but we will meet our lawyers to discuss the pregnancy.”

He stressed that now that Ese has been rescued the next phase was for Nigerians who ensured that his daughter was released to join them for the persecution of the suspect and everyone who aided teenager’s abduction from Bayelsa.

He also refuted claims that Ese and Yinusa Dahiru aka Yellow had been dating before the incident saying that such claims were meant to distract attention from the case.

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He disclosed that for the main time Ese would stay under police care before being finally handed over to the family.

The mother of 14-year-old Ese Oruru, Mrs. Rose Oruru, has said Yunusa Dahiru, aka Yellow, betrayed her and her family by abducting her
teenage daughter from Bayelsa.

Ese was abducted by Yunusa, in August 2015. The teenagee was forced to convert to Islam and forced into marriage with Yunusa.

Rose dismissed the claim by Yunusa’s father that the abductor had stayed with the Orurus for 10 years as a house help.
The teenager’s mother said they only got to know Yunusa at about 2012.

Our correspondent gathered that this was the period Yinusa came to the Opolo area, where the residence of the Orurus was located.
It was gathered that Yunusa usually helped people carry their loads from the market. That was how the Orurus got to know him.
Rose also said sometime in 2012, the family decided to help him with somewhere to sleep at night.

She said, “Yunusa was one of the Hausa people in the area, and he used to come to my shop to buy food, and sometimes when he did not have money, we would sell to him on credit or give him food for free.

“When we discovered that he needed a place to lay his head at night, I decided to help him by allowing him to pass the night in the shop, but
not to live there.

“We did not know he would turn against us and kidnap our daughter. Yunusa betrayed me and my family, despite how we helped him.”
Rose described him as someone who was known to people around the area because he was friendly .

She said he sold firewood for some time until someone in the area gave him a tricycle to ride. “I remember that he behaved like a good person; people in our area knew him very well. Nobody would have thought he could do such a thing,” she added.

According to Rose, Yunusa was asked to stop coming to sleep in her shop in 2013 after some items got missing in the shop.
Rose said items such as rice and bottles of soft drinks disappeared.

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She said, “That was when I became suspicious. Since I could not prove it, I just asked him to stop coming to the shop to pass the night. This was in late 2012 or early 2013. “I had to start locking the fridge and my cupboard. Why would I do that if I had trusted him?”

She said people who said Ese willingly travelled to Kano with him did not know Yunusas history. She recalled that a few weeks after she asked Yunusa to stop coming to sleep in her shop, her shop was burgled.
She said she lost valuables, including food items and a big television set that came with a DVD

“That television set was even bigger than the one currently in my shop. We do not want to lay blame on anyone because we could not say that this was the person that did it,” she added. She said a year later, Yunusa started coming to
the shop to buy food.

She said, “He came one day to beg me to forgive him. I then told him that I did not hold anything against him that I had forgiven him.

“But how could I have known that he was planning to do something bad to my daughter? “I know my daughter, Ese, she would never have
done such a thing with someone like Yunusa. She did not go to Kano with him on her own accord.”

A statement by the PSC spokesman, Ikechukwu Ani, on Thursday in Abuja said the commission “will ensure that any police officer who is found to have compromised himself either by omission or commission in the saga will be flushed out.”
It commended the IG “for his swift action in rescuing the teenager and ensuring that she was immediately reunited with her family,” adding that it would work with Arase to see that Nigerians, including the likes of Ese were guaranteed their freedom to life.

The father of Ese Oruru says their underage daughter was raped by Yunusa. Charles Orurus, in an interview on the rumoured
pregnancy of the minor, said his daughter had been forced to convert to Islam and into a child marriage without their consent.

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Charles said, “My daughter was raped by that man. I saw the sign when I saw her last night. We are glad that stage one is over. I am happy
she has been finally released and I have seen her, but I am sad. Now we will have to face whatever comes next.”

He, however, said the family would hold a meeting in the next few days to take a collective decision on the matter.

Ese’s mum, Rose, however, said she could not say for certain that Ese was pregnant, adding that medical tests would confirm her suspicion.
The teenager’s mother also said Ese did not know she was in Kano State until after some time.

“It was like she had been hypnotised,” she said. When asked what she would do if her daughter was indeed pregnant.
“Until then,” she said.

Dickson orders trial of abductors The Bayelsa State Governor, Mr. Seriake Dickson, has called for a comprehensive investigation into
Ese’s abduction and subsequent prosecution of the culprits.

A statement by the state government on Thursday said the governor spoke in Yenagoa, shortly after receiving Ese and her parents in the
Government House.

While describing the incident as unfortunate, Dickson directed the Ministry of Justice to collaborate effectively with the police towards
ensuring that Ese’s abduction was prosecuted to a logical conclusion.

Dickson, who described Ese as a minor, wondered why it took so long to secure her release, adding that, there were questions begging for answers.
The governor was quoted as saying, “This matter has to do with enforcement of the laws of this state. This matter is not religious; It is not a
matter that has to be swept under the carpet.

“I have directed the Ministry of Justice to collaborate with the police to ensure that this matter is prosecuted to a logical conclusion.”
The governor directed that a team of medical personnel and counsellors be set up to liaise with Ese and her parents to offer support to
reintegrate Ese to the society.

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  • Sam
    March 4, 2016 at 9:00 am

    all collaborators must be punish including sanusi if found guilty.
    de yunusa must be jail for life,the yunusa father for lieing dat yunusa is an house maid for ten years must be prosecuted. islam must look into early marriage which is the root cause of this problem.i expect islamic teachers to come out and condemned this act which no one is doing and dat because islam permit it.


  • Salos
    March 4, 2016 at 9:57 am

    Quite unfortunate. Such a wicked act. This is a lesson to us mothers to talk to our daughters about mixing with touts as Yunusa, no matter how disguised to be nice. We should warn them of ever been friendly with the opposite sex, be it Muslim, Christian, neighbors or lesson teachers. Truely, the Bible says the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can tell. May God help Mrs Oruru at this trying moment.


  • March 4, 2016 at 11:20 am

    Please i would like relevant authourities in nigeria to carry out a serious investigation in evry emir’s palace in northern nigeria to rescue christian girls who had been abducted and converted into islam or marriage without parental consent


  • Ali
    March 4, 2016 at 11:36 am

    Comment…indeed Islam allow us to marry a girl of 14 15 with the concent of their parents I don’t knw y everybody is now talking rubbish how many underage girls being raped or seduce into sex by their Christian parents or even pastos in some cases then what will u people call that we thank God our religion permit us to marry them I don’t know if is Christianity that allow you guys to do that wit underage girl,as in d case of yunusa is pure love related issue cos I heard d voice interview with d girl that confessed that she follow him to kano on her on she repeatedly saying she don’t want to go back to parents bcos they will kill her and the interview carried out in d present of some men of d Nigerian police so am sure her mother is trying to hide somethings so as to get the sympathy of public.


  • Shola peter
    March 4, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Ali remember that so called Yunisa, the criminal abductor did not indict the parent of Ese in anyway. And Ese’s mother view is very comprehensive to a logical conclusion. Therefore, Yunisa is a real criminal, he must be prosecuted along with others evil collaborators to face the wrath of law, so as to serve as deterent to others prospective offenders. Also, she was forced against her will by evil manipulation. An under age girl for that matter. This is a satanic hypnotism of highest order. Thank to God for exposing this evil deed. And God will continue to expose such an evil acts in our society. God bless Nigeria.Comment…


  • March 4, 2016 at 1:18 pm

    I don’t think there is any amount of love that could cause a 14 years old girl whose parents are still alive to take the decision of abandoning her parents and academics, and flee to kano to be converted to islam for child marriage that is impossibe if the girl was at her proper senses during the incident.


  • D'nero
    March 4, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    Comment…ali ur vry stupid infct ur a big fool,God we punish ur generation,imaging if she’s ur sister will u allow dat to happen,justice must be don.


  • Aboki
    March 4, 2016 at 5:22 pm

    Comment…on daily basis, pastors are raping teenagers and even house wives in churches and it has been published in almost all Nigerian medias and yet nobody is talking. It is now that it involved Hausa man that is why everybody is talking rubbish. I don’t know how managed dis Yunusa came across with this urgly girl from d first place. whether you like it or not a Hausa is always at the top and would remain on top in this country up to the day of judgement. mumu people.


  • @salihu
    March 4, 2016 at 6:23 pm

    Comment…For every living soul who is a mother will not be happy with the way & manner it happened, but there is nothing love CANNOT do at any level in life, & when it comes to the issue of religion there MUST be differences by practice. I am glade to be opportuned to express my feelings for the Ese & the entire family members, may our good God protect girl & safe her life. Nobody knows what she may be tomorrow & even the child, with this, i pray for God’s protection & heart for the parents of Ese to provide them with all their needs for upkeep of their daughter & the unborn child.I’m not condemning any person for anything ,God bless the family, God bless Bayelsa State, God bless Nigeria. Thank you all for devoting your time to read my comments.


  • bazo's
    March 4, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    mr. Ali or whatsoever you call your name just listing to yourself that is pure love, that makes she to follow yunusa to kano because of your so call forcefully islam allow underage marriage that is why your speaking with your both mouth, may your children and grand children unborn be abducted to unknow land and force into underage marriage men.


  • light
    March 4, 2016 at 10:37 pm

    @ ali.what is the meaning love?what type of love can a 14yr old express?lf u are in support of of this act then u lack human dignity. l expected people like u ( ? educated) to know how human being ought to behave .


  • Nwaeke chidiebere
    March 5, 2016 at 12:48 am

    Comment… Imagine, my poor sister, this matter must not be sweept under carpet, yanusa, his father, those old men etc, must face the full wrat of law. We must remove evil and curruptions from our mist. I thank God, the nigeria police and the media, God bless nigeria.


  • Evangelist Ndife,Awkuzu
    March 5, 2016 at 5:40 am

    First of all,the blames must go to the parents of Ese for many reasons.They were not monitoring the activities of their daughter til she disappeared.You must know that Ese ‘s disappearance was not planned in one day or two days.In fact her parents are not close to her and these little girls of nowadays are something else.You cannot easily predict on exactly what happened because the matter is deep sensitive.You may try to jail yunusa the suspect and Ese will start crying shouting no no.Let there be thorough investigation by special detectives.Coming to the parents of yunusa the suspect,how can your son will just pick a young girl like that to home and you are celebrating.Even though it was a goat or fowl he brought home,his parents must react if they re responsible.Converting the young girl to islam immediately means it may be a planned something that adults are involved.Chibok christian poor girls are not yet to be found til today and similar case just happened.I strongly believed that the wrath of God is on


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