Chelsea’s Eva Carneiro Accused of Giving Players Rub Downs

by on August 17, 2015

Chelsea’s demoted team doctor Eva Carneiro has been accused by a bitter ex of having a relationship with a player.

As a side note, Rupert Patterson-Ward, who boosted his bank balance with a kiss-and-tell with the Sun on Sunday, also accused Carneiro of ruining his life.

The first-team physio has been at the forefront of Premier League news this week following Jose Mourinho’s decision to openly criticise her.

Chelsea’s volatile manager accused her of naivety after she ran on to treat Eden Hazard before it was clear if it was needed. It has since emerged that referee Michael Oliver summoned her, leaving her obliged to enter the filed of play.

Mourinho’s decision to demote her from match day duties has left many wondering whether there were underlying issues before it came to a head at Stamford Bridge last weekend.

According to Patterson-Ward, there may have been a sexy reason for Mourinho’s contempt. He claims that during their 15-month relationship she would boast about having a relationship with one of Chelsea’s first-team stars.

He said: “This woman ruined my life.

“Eva would blurt out she had slept with one of the players during heated rows. She said it just to make me feel bad. I don’t believe it was true.’

“She prides herself on being popular among the players. Eva loved the attention.”

This could all be down to the Gibraltar-born medic’s fiery temperament and passionate personality. Patterson-Ward said their time spent together was a non-stop love fest. The story gets very Sun-esque after that and we won’t share the comments.

However, one interesting quote further down the story claims one Chelsea player used to openly flirt with her and present himself in the Chelsea dressing room.

He said: “She told how one footballer would constantly hit on her, parading around naked in front of her at every opportunity in the dressing room and making sure she got a real eyeful.

“We would be sitting at home watching TV and she would have calls from players at 9pm or 10pm. They would have had a sore leg or had pulled a hamstring.

“She always went and returned in the early hours. I had to get my head around the fact she would be giving players rub downs.”


Source: GMS

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