Everything About Leanne Goggins and the Reason Behind Her Suicide

Leanne Goggins was a successful businessman who ran a dog-walking business. She received recognition based on her work as an entrepreneur and is also known for her ex-husband, Walton Goggins.

Leanne also served as Canyon News’ first adviser. Her ex-husband was a famous actor who also won an Emmy award and a lot of attention because of the short film ‘The Accountant.’

Her husband is known for his outstanding performance in multiple TV series like Justified Drama. The tragedy happened in Leanne’s life, so she committed suicide in 2004.

The death shocked the people, but her legacy continues to be remembered by those who know her. Let’s talk about all the exciting details of Leanne Goggins’s life.

Early Life

Leanne Goggins was born in 1967 to Leanne Kaun, who became the first wife of famous Hollywood producer and actor Walton Goggins. Her parents’ names are Arnold and Peggy, and no details regarding her parents and childhood are available.

Leanne was born with jaundice, a viral disease that affected her childhood. The doctor kept her on a strict diet to curb the ongoing infections.

Moreover, she missed school many times because of her parent’s finances. Despite all the struggles, she completed her elementary and high school education, obtained her degree, and then continued pet training.

What Was the Profession of Leanne Goggins?

Leanne is always fascinated by dogs and pets. She has always been in love with animals from a young age. When her health improved, she indulged herself in her passion.

At that time, she opened a dog walking business that grew rapidly in the Laurel Canyon neighborhood, Hollywood Hills, and became the biggest in the region, attracting many patrons, such as Liberty and Canyon News.

Leanne involved them in many activities like swimming, hiking, and running and then launched a dog walking business in California. Her clients always gave her positive reviews; they confessed she was great at caring for dogs, so her business proliferated.

Her husband’s role was notable in the series Justified, and he also worked in the movie ‘Predators.’ During this time, he was promoted to a main cast member, continued flourishing in the entertainment industry, and appeared in the movie Cowboys & Aliens. Django Unchained, Sons of Anarchy, The Hateful Eight, and many others are included in his most recent work.Leanne Goggins relationship

How and When Walton and Leanne met?

Leanne met Walton, started dating in 2000, and married soon after a year. It happened when the shooting of the movie Shanghai Noon finished.

Meanwhile, Goggins shifted to Los Angeles after marriage, and everything was smooth in their relationship. However, the problems started after three years because of inevitable conflicts and misunderstandings, and they divorced in 2004.

All the issues were raised because of her displeasure with learning and her busy schedule with Walton. Moreover, she preferred living somewhere other than Los Angeles and wanted to return to her husband in Canada.

Leanee requested the divorce to end their four-year relationship. On the other side, friends and fans always saw them as a perfect couple and an example of a love marriage. They were spotted together in public many times and also attended functions.

Reason of Death

After the divorce, Leanne Goggins was alive for a very few years; she jumped from the 17th floor of an office block in Los Angeles on 12th November 2004.

Everyone was shocked that Walton’s wife committed suicide, and then she was discovered to suffer from chronic depression. Four days before her suicide, she handed Walton the divorce papers to end their four-year relationship.

She also received medical treatment for the injuries and suffered from the long fall from the 17th floor. Her death was devastating for her family and estranged husband.

The funeral was held on 29th November 2004 at the Hollywood Funeral Home on Santa Monica Boulevard. Many people were also saddened as she was also looking after their dogs.

Leanne Goggins’ Net Worth

Leanne’s net worth has never been disclosed; however, her husband’s net worth is almost $10 million. Leanne net worth is not confirmed, but according to her successful ventures, her estimated net worth is $300,000.

Her husband appeared in many films and TV shows and earned a large fortune. The actor was cast in the superhero picture Ant-Man and the Wasp in 2018.

It succeeded at the box office and grossed over $622 million worldwide. The picture received critical acclaim for its humor, fun, and cast performances.

Moreover, he appeared in Evangeline Lilly, Bobby Cannavale, Randall Park, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Judy Greer’s movies. Her husband, Walton, established Ginny Mule Pictures, which produced four films: The Evening Sun, Chrystal, The Accountant, Randy and the Mob.Leanne Goggins

Aftermath of her Suicide

This news of Leanne’s suicide shocked Walton as the two were already separate, but that was not for him. In 2011, he started a relationship with filmmaker Nadia Conners and married her.

The couple also has a son together. Besides, he focused on many photography efforts and travels during his free time. He worked in many non-profit organizations. Well, Leanne is no longer, and Walton is busy.

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