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    This Jude Ndukwe can so write thrash. You kept repeating that APC are worried. Show us a statement credited to APC that they are worried. Even in SAS’s Borno state, he couldn’t deliver his polling station and you are saying he’ll lead you to Aso Rock. Let’s wait and see. 2019 is just around the corner for those who will be alive to see it. Jude Ndukwe didn’t comment on the disagreement of PDP’s BOT about Modu’s emergence. He was busy with APC. And what about the threat of South South and South East PDP caucus in the Senate who said they may have nothing to do with a PDP lead by Modu Sheriff? Why didn’t you comment about that. You made noises about APC when you were in power, you couldn’t do anything to it. Is it now in opposition you want to hurt APC? When many of your members are decamping to APC? Just yesterday, a former minister of health under Jonathan, Onyebuchi Charles left for APC. Let’s watch Jude Ndukwe.
    Even your mentor FFK isn’t happy with Ali Modu’s emergence. Why didn’t you comment about FFK’s call for prayers for your dead party? You are a hypocrite.

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    Biafra We Hail Thee

    Believe me when I say this that Ali Modu Sherif is just a poster boy for some powerful machinery. It remains to be seen within time who his real masters are: APC or PDP. Also, he has no strong ties with Boko Haram. Noble Ihejirika is also innocent of ludicrous Davies claims.


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