Exclusive Breastfeeding Remains The Best Option For Infants- Expert

by on August 8, 2020

Executive Secretary, Enugu State Primary Health Care Development Agency (EHS-PHCDA), Dr. George Ukwu, has said that breast milk remains the only recommended food for babies, as it carries antibodies that helps the body fights off bacterias.

Ukwu who disclosed this on Saturday on behalf of the Enugu State Government advised mothers to ensure they carry out appropriate breastfeeding routine so that mothers children and the community can relish in full the benefit it brings.

He also appealed tp mothers to shun feeding babies with any form of food for the first six months after they are born 

The Executive Secretary said prior to the breastfeeding sensitization programme that was organized by ENS-PHCDA, that in time of absolute breastfeeding, mothers must only give food to their babies when they demand or request for it and not on her intent or choice of doing so.

“Nursing mothers during breastfeeding should sit uprightly by assuming a favourable position, they must also ensure that the baby’s head is well placed”, he advised.

According to him, “the importance of carrying the breastfeeding feeding sensitization at public gatherings and assemblies is none other than to educate the nursing mothers on nutritious diet to take that will help the breastfeeding process of their children”.

“What we want is exclusive breastfeeding to support our targeted ideas, objectives and goals, some of which is to reduce sickness in babies, produce rapid growing babies”, he confirmed.

“Everyone is playing an important role in achieving set objectives, adding that the state government trained and bred local and state educators of exclusive breastfeeding, willing volunteers on carrying out exclusive breastfeeding messages and practices”.

He stressed further that the breast milk remains the only recommended food for babies, as it carries antibodies that helps the body fights off bacteria and viruses. Continuing, he added that it is considered crucial to eat some locally made nutritious diet after six months, so as to help consolidate unremitting breastfeeding.

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