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    he is totally insan, hearing that drug trafficking penalty is death as at then… why did he do it in the first place, no offence but thats no excuse for osuofia

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      Are you daft so much that you didn’t read it that as at the time of committing the crime it was just a six month jail term offence until your brother took over and decree that they should be killed. I don’t blame him because he has never had a son and to you let someone kill your brother through firing squad and feel the pains. Callous people from the devil.

  2. 2

    AA. Maishanu

    Apparently you guys are serious jokers, do you think nigerians are stupid,blind, or dumb? This is the most pathetic thing a fool can write about a man of such integrity. This has the signature of pro GEJ all over it, we can not be fooled by your little tricks dummy so try harder.

  3. 3

    AA. Maishanu

    No amount of trashy talks any one can say that will make us change our minds, all of you promoting GEJ is because you are so self centred because you are exploiting his resources. The question is what are his achievement in the last six years he has been in power? Why don’t you make a factual list of it and these time please try not to fabricate it. What is the biggest challenges Nigeria as a nation is facing? How did GEJ handled such challenges? Has he even succeeded in resolving any ? His biggest achievement in his administration that he uses for his campaign is the issue of Ibola, what a shame. When did he decide to visit maiduguri, yobe, adamawa, and other N.E part of the country? Did he visit them when they needed him as their president and father of the nation to come to their rescue or now when he needs them because election is around the corner? How about the false promises he made for power,agriculture, water, school, etc. Do we have sufficient power? How about agriculture, Nigeria has the largest tomato belt in Africa, but yet we import tomato paste, producers of sugar cane and cassava in Africa but yet, we do not produce ethanol and we import sugar, why do we mostly import when other countries are exporting? What has he done about our refineries? was it not in his administration our universities went on strike for seven months and he is supposed to be an academician? What about the international embarrassment caused by him and his wife? For a Nigeria president missing out in an international presidential conference where presidents deliberate over international issues each protecting the interest of his country, ours is sleeping in his hotel room. A whole first lady can’t even address her people properly on national TV, you all remember d slogan of ‘there is God ooo’ what an embarrassment. We as true blooded Nigerians we say no to GEJ, come febuary we need change and change it shall be. Insha Allah.

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      Young buhari

      Buhari must be mad to made that statement of killin dos young how many human trafficer has being isu death i heat him 4 dat

    2. 3.2


      Thank u mainland and it has come to stay

  4. 5

    Felix Abioye

    Well, it is an offence committed, to now say the penalty meted was no justifiable.
    Why do they commit this offence in the first place. Law is no respecta of anybody.
    That`s why one should abstain himself from any shady deals.
    I see nothing wrong in this if this is practicable in Saudi Arabia.

  5. 6


    azeez i want to assume u dont have a waec certificate like buhari because if u did u wont talk like a bus conductor… haba sentencing people who were convicted before the law was made to death is very wrong. what if one of them was ur brother. when u have nothing say just lie mute abeg

  6. 7


    Well what has happened is in the past I know it is painful but. In life one must move on and stop carrying baggages of the past give peace a chance that is my opinion

  7. 8


    Nigerians are not fools. Drug traffickers are being executed in some countries, because that is against their law. Because PdP government is lawless ,clueless and have run out of ideas that is why they are chasing shadows. Nkem Owoh you can weep any time u see Buhari on TV. It is a constant reminder that you should not break the law of the land. Sham less PdP

  8. 9


    Our brother should have attempted China or one of those countries and I am sure the story would have been different. Its a naija man so, kill him. ~How many children and adults do drugs kill daily??? Lets get real………I wonder who the benefactors really were???

  9. 10


    A.A MAISHANU please you can’t say GEJ didn’t care for the northerners when their governor are allocated a bigger share of our nation’s budget than the eastern governors plus the extra share allocated to them for security which the eastern governors don’t get such

  10. 11


    Comment…just let peace prevail in your heart,the gone shall never come back even if you shed tears each time you think of his name! just open up your heart and receive salvation of jesus christ,one good message is that even those who judge here will be judged there accordingly!

  11. 12


    I was not born den if it is true or not but its not nice to kill n nt nice to do drug after d law had been passed

  12. 13


    Comment…It’s the people that spoiled it yesterday are same people spoiling it 4 you today, Buhari is doing it. Nkem park well, your brother disrespect the law of the land.

    1. 13.1


      How do you people even know this man na Nkem Owoh’s brother… because dem get the same last name? LMAO! Abeg make una come up with better thing. And even if they are brothers or wareva, how does that change the fact that Buhari na mad man like most Nigerian politicians or that he (Buhari) did not follow the law when he doled out his own form of justice? Some of you are too far up these lying, murderous and deceitful politicians’ a**hole to think for yourselves.

  13. 14


    Comment…it’s the people that spoiled it yesterday are same people spoiling it 4 you today, Buhari is working 2 fix it.Nkem park-well your brother disrespect the law of the land nd the drog trafficking then is death penalty.


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