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A group of Legal Practitioners have vowed to file legal actions against the criminal acts committed by politicians in the process of electoral conducts to secure political status and positions.

The judiciary is determined to ensure all corrupt political perpetrators be brought to book and face the full wrath of the law, should they be found guilty beyond reasonable doubt with regard to the offenses committed by them during Election Tribunals.

Legal Practitioners knowingly and intentionally representing such unfit clients are to face the maximum penalty of the law and debarred from the Legal Profession on the bases of illegally making forged documents, Lying under oath and Presentation of False Witnesses during legal proceedings in courts of competent jurisdictions, knowing fully well of the illegal actions of their clients.

Victims of such electoral malpractices are urged to file legal actions against the guilty parties as opposed to celebrating their victories after their mandate is legally returned back to them for maximum persecution and punishments for illegal actions in order to secure political representation and status in governance in the Federal Republic of Nigeria and its electoral process.

The Legal team have vowed to review all political cases that are rife with traces of “Impunity,Vicarious Liability, Judicial Misconduct and Defamation of Character” among other criminal acts during election tribunals.

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It is rather unfortunate that Politicians, Legal Practitioners, Judges and the highest level of personalities in the corridors of power have been getting away with criminal conduct since the return of democracy in 1999 during the commencement of the fourth republic in the leadership process of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The group emphasized that there have been numerous cases where the reputation of Judges and Politician have been defamed and publicly ridiculed on petty petitions and false allegations that perpetually tarnish the reputation of the victims without proper investigation and architecting the matters through public reports in order to normalize the situation and acquit the victims of public scrutiny that have been publicly humiliated through false statements and inconclusive documentations.

The Legal Team will affiliate their research and finding with Anti Corruption Agencies like,

“The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission,(EFCC).

(2) The Office of the Inspector General of Police,(IGP)

(3) The Ministry of Justice through the Attorney General of the Federation’s Office.

(4) Indent Consultants and Solicitors.

(5) Retired Justices and Life Benchers.

The team of Legal Practitioners includes;

“Barrister Albert Adu Esq, Dr Austin Mbamah Esq, Barrister Farida Abba Sada Esq, Barrister Ahmed Mustapha Akanbi Esq, Barrister Fatima Othman Esq, Barrister Shehu Danmusa Esq, Barrister Abubakar Tsiga Esq, Barrister Sadiq Umar Abdullahi Bsc LLb MA BL PhD Esq and Mrs Maryam Sodangi Founder of Exponential Legal Fastlink ltd,(http://Www.elegal.com”.

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The team have vowed to start their mandate by using the recently concluded cases in the 2019 general elections with specific reference to a High Court judgment in Kano State which was contested by Hon. Shamsudeen Abdurrahman Dambazau, contestant of Takai/Sumaila Federal Constituency Vs Hon. Kawu Sumaila.

The claimant won his case in court and reclaimed his seat in House ofRepresentatives.

The Federal High Court based it judgement on grounds of “Forgery of Documents Lying Under Oath (PERJURY), and Presentation of False Witnesses” among hundreds of other cases across all six geopolitical zones of the Country.

The second case watched by the Legal Team is an upcoming Pre-election matter in the Supreme Court between “Hon Ishaq Yakasai Vs Hon Sha’aban Ibrahim Sharada”,(Kano Municipal Federal Constituency) on Wednesday the 24th of April 2019, Holden at the Supreme Court.

Discrepancies and Contradictions of the law will not go unnoticed and unabated. Petitions will be submitted to the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee,(LPDC) against Lawyers while the National Judicial Council,(NJC) will be served with petitions against Judges for Judicial Misconduct.

A case of Legal Action will be filed against the conflicting parties for prosecution in court of competent jurisdiction.

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The Legal Practitioners stated that they are not a part of any Institution of Government and neither are that paid for their services for starters in their first attempt to bring perpetrators of such illegal act to book.

They are merely performing their civic responsibilities and patriotism in order to deter Politicians, Legal Practitioners and Judges from causing further damage to the already existing declining reputation of the Judicial Arm of Government of the country.

All Legal Practitioners that have an interest in joining their team are free to do so at no cost whatsoever as salvaging the Judicature in The Federal Republic of Nigeria is paramount, imperative and long overdue.

May Allah SWA/God Almighty continue to bless guide and protect us and our beloved country with His infinite wisdom and mercy.

Amin Ya Rahman.


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