5 Reasons Exercise is so Important as You Age

After 40s exercise is most important thing in your daily routine

Exercise is one of the very essential things that you can do for your health. It saves you from many health problems that you can face with age. It keeps your muscles strong and helps you to perform your daily routine work in a better way. After 40s exercise is most important thing in your daily routine because at this time your muscles and bones become weak. There are many reasons for the importance of exercise but we are focusing on the top five.

1. Improves emotional and mental health

The main reason for the importance of exercise is that it improves your lifestyle and keeps you fresh and healthy. Physical activities reduce your stress, increase energy level and make your mood good. Walking, dancing, yoga, and biking reduce your anxiety, negative mood and help you to improve your self-confidence and mental health.

2. Keeps weight under control

Daily exercise helps you to manage your weight and you are not worried about your weight loss or gain. With the help of exercise you can do both gain and loss. Exercise increases your metabolism and helps you to maintain body mass.

3. Improves flexibility

Exercise on daily basis improves your body flexibility and reduces small aches and pains that you can face daily. Flexibility increases the strength of the body and reduces the danger of injuries.

4. Keeps muscles strong

With growing age your muscles become weak but if you could do exercise on daily basis the ageing process slows down and you can enjoy the life for a long time. Strong muscles also sport joints and save you from many injuries. planks, sit up and squats are good for muscle health.

5. Improves sleeping habits

Good sleep is a key to the healthy life. Exercise helps you fall asleep speedily and also improves your sleep quality. Running and weight lifting is good for sound sleep.

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