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    Is this journalism?? You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Attacking the family. Carrying one bag is now a shopping spree? I tire for this country. It’s like the corruption cycle never ends. Even journalists! So she can’t marry his son again kwa? Is the father the son?

    1. 1.1

      uzor marcus

      you dey craz…….if na Jonathan’s family they are attacking,shey,all of you fools will be clapping for the media…….una never see anything yet.This is the consequence of being a President…….no privacy for him in the next four years.

    2. 1.2


      i agree! this isn’t journalism, there are so many issues facing nigeria and the world and buhari’s daughter going shopping and attending school in the uk is a pressing issue? come on.

      1. 1.2.1


        It’s bcos buhari has stolen so much money during his time as a PTF chairman. he’s a thief working with thieves. let him stop pretending

  2. 2


    It would really be nice if journalists in this country could try and do their jobs properly and not just write what comes to their heads, they should do the work required before publishing their works. The first pointer to the falsehood of this story is that she is said to be attending the university of surrey, if you are going to insinuate that she is living an expensive lifestyle then write that she attends one of the most prestigious universities in the UK not the university of Surrey. This school is where u wld find the children of working middle class citizens in Nigeria.

    I don’t know why you would say that he (buhari) is poor, he gets allowances from the government for being a past head of state, as is being done in other countries. Which would still make him very very comfortable, well above middle class.

    1. 2.1

      uzor marcus

      the journalists are not doing their job properly bcs they are invading your president’s privacy,abi???? But, if na GEJ they are attacking ,you and your foolish friends will be clapping for them as being on point,abi???? Una never see anything yet…

  3. 3


    It is a pity that APC has no other person to present as a presidential candidate. They are all pretenders.

  4. 4


    Where She shops or the school she attends isnt an issue as long as D money is gotten from D right source nt through corrupt method and always have D ordinary Nigerians at mind cos some can feel cheated wen they see or hear that but hey! Just B happy 4 them. “many wll wnt to ride in a limo wth U but a true friend wll use a bus wth U wen D limo breaks down”

  5. 5


    Please can we have better information the girl in question is not in harvard yale or oxford compared to what daughters of past presidents do please be careful how you inform nigerians

  6. 6


    buhari was once a head is state and a general for that matter he can still afford all these let not decisive ourselves the man isn’t poor he might be modest and not loud like others so I don’t understand this much ado on his properties hence leave for for a while at least for him to concertrate to do his new job

  7. 7


    Make una no go find hand work, just stay and be writing rubbish

  8. 8

    Ola Solanke

    Nigerian are always so envious of one another.. work hard, think of a business strategy, become rich and make sure you always remember the little people… In fact bring some of the people with you on the way up.

    1. 8.1

      big um

      Correct guy.

    2. 8.2

      Fred Tomsen

      I admire the culture, it depicts a great deal of humility (very humble family)..Our president leads by example. Keep it up our president.

    3. 8.3


      interesting Talk. God bless you Ola. let’s connect if you don’t mind.07031362870

  9. 9


    Big deal? This reporter needs more exposure. The world is now a global village: you can learn remotely, no dey carry last like dis abeg. Cummulating the fees and board for 4 years is misleading, the Buhari’s didnt incur the expenditure at once na. Plus it is common knowledge that Mrs Buhari contributes significantly to their bills via income from her spas in Abuja and Kaduna.

  10. 10


    Comment… u guys are all fools… u will follow buhari to grave even when he is turning the economy upside down.. look at the exchange rate, fuel prise, wanted to increase power tarrif, budget brouhaha and others.. the point is DAT buhari is a confuse man and a pretender.. he claimed DAT he had only few millions and few properties while he lavishes over 40 millions on his daughter… u guys shud wake up and stop being party goats

  11. 11


    U are the biggest fool here…people just talk without having knowledge of anything going on in the world. So now that the fuel price and exchange rate has increased,is it the president’s fault? U should research…any country that has more than 50% of its income from petroleum is facing the same problem,the problem is worldwide…dont u watch world news? Or dont u have knowledge on economics? U’re just there blaming the president for what he can’t control. What matters most in a country is peace,and so far…we are relieved from insecurity. People just want corrupt men to be ruling this country because when a corrupt man is ruling,money flows…but sorry,not this time around…this time,we want development and change

    1. 11.1


      thank you brother thank God you
      are educated

  12. 12


    Let forget about this peoples
    The problem of Nigerians is the youth.


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