FG Seek to Negotiate With Avengers, Considers Halting Military Actions

by on June 7, 2016

Ibe Kachikwu, minister of state for petroleum resources, has called on militants in the Niger Delta region to sheathe their sword and embrace dialogue with government.

Kachikwu made the appeal while briefing reporters in Abuja on Monday.

“My first appeal will be to my brothers who are engaged in these acts of protest to sheath their sword and daggers and come back to the table so that we can have a conversation,” he said.

“There is no doubt that over the decades of oil production, a lot of things that ought to have been done in the oil geographical areas were not done.

“The answer to the issue will not be heating up the grounds. The federal government is committed to continue the dialogue and the president has appointed a team.”

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According to him, the team will be led by Babagana Monguno the national security adviser (NSA), himself, opinion leaders and all the service chiefs.

He noted that the dialogue was expected to wrap up in one week, adding that the NSA had been directed to work with the armed forces to de-skill the intensity of operation to ensure the dialogue held.

“Probably, we will suspend the operation of the military in the region for a week or two for individuals in the creeks to converge for the dialogue.”

Kachikwu said government had made contacts with all the people involved, especially those that could be identified

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He expressed the hope that through dialogue, everything would soon be resolved, adding that it was always difficult when arms were used against citizens.

He urged the militants to allow the truth reign and gave an assurance that the federal government was ready to intensify efforts to ensure development in the region.

On oil production level, he said that the level was still between 1.5 million and 1.6 million barrels per day down from 2.2 million barrels on which the budget was based.

He said government would continue to work hard to enhance the production level.

He added that over the last few months, the country had lost 600,000 barrels from various attacks by the militants.

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“We are making effort to see how we get the barrels back but my attitude is that when citizens are harping on something, we need to engage,” he said.

“The take of the president is to try and engage in a dialogue, I know that given the intensity of the attack, it has caused a lot of trouble.

“Both in terms of production and continuity of production and certainty of career plans in the oil industry, the best option is ensure adequate security measures in those areas.”

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  • blessed ututu ventures osha
    June 7, 2016 at 8:38 am

    Comment…very nice move frm FG…God help us frm the hands of evil cabals in govt


  • June 7, 2016 at 10:00 am

    After telling d Niger Delta people dat u will crush dem d way u crush BOKO Haram, u are nw calling for dialogue, D question is PMB led administration sincere? It’s too late to dialogue and if dere should be dialogue, lets go back to True federalism, so dat each state can control their resources and bring little to central or grant d region der full sovereignty for peace. Ibe Kachikwu is telling us crude production has frm 2.2m barrel per day to btw1.5 and 1.6m barrel per day and budget is base on d crude. And crudeoil is frm part of country dat has being marginalized and undeveloped for over 50 years and dis crude oil was discovered in d Niger Delta region since 1956. d dialogue will also be dat d northern cabal oil bloc owners must release all d bloc to d people of d region because i believe,if crude oil is discover frm d north, i don’t think northern will allow a southern to hold an oil bloc. Dis region remains undeveloped, unemployment at a very high rate,crude oil pollution spills frm d oil and gas companies. Sheath sword indeed, PMB forgot history too suddenly, PMB was among d masterminders of d judicial killing of Ken Saro Wiwa and 9 Ogoni men in dis same struggle. D Niger Deltans are nt happy wit bloc owner like dlikes of T Y DANJUMA and Co. He dat lay a golden egg need to enjoy his golden. “Northern Crude Oil Bloc Owners Cabal Allow D Niger Delta Region To Enjoy Their God’s Gift For God Sake”. Dialogue indeed. D federal govt has push d region to wall, our farmland has being polluted, no job in d region, d oil and gas companies in d region is full of northern and southwest sons and daughters and d sons daughters of d Region remain unemployed in d oil and gas companies and u expect dem to be happy and smiling. dat is smiling in suffering, we don’t need dat. If u doubt my statement, come to d Region and see things urself and stop calling joint Niger Delta liberation forces and d people of Niger Delta evil Names, leave Abuja andur zone and come and see things urself. No sons and daughters of d Region is happy will what federal govt has did to d Region for over 50 years of neglect and marginalizeation. Our parent can’t farm again because of oil pollutions frm d drilling processes of d oil and gas companies wit no employment of d citizenary and expect to laugh and smile under suffering. A enough is Enough of All dis dat is d action of d Joint Niger Delta liberation forces and d people of Niger Delta.. Take a look of corrupt employment CBN gave to highly effluence political children of APC few months ago in dis nation all we are fighting corruption. Dose who are clapping hands to APC led govt for a take off of ogoni land clean up, is’t d time it suppose to be after many years of neglect and calling former president GEJ names, GEJ build a lot of human capital projects in d north. Niger Delta people believes in joint Niger Delta liberation forces. d Nigerian army are just chasing shadow. Thanks


  • Naco Nkpolo Aguata
    June 7, 2016 at 10:50 am

    Neglect to one’ source of income is bad. I’ve been there & noted that they deserved mercy. Though govt. & NGO have doing, MORE is needed in the region. Moreso, constant/frequent implimentation of agreed policies is needed.


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