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    Comment…The hand writing on the wall is very clear..
    Nigeria of today is scattered, is finished,
    Nothing any one can do about it.
    Every sections of Nigeria is agitating for their right,and is out of the hands of FG of Nigeria.
    They can’t do anything about it again..

    we can see the clear pictures ourselves…

    The IPOB issues is beyond Nigeria.
    They are getting more support internationally now.

    Come to think of it.What was Turkish diplomat visited the IPOB leader Maxi Nnamdi Kanu for?

    The best way for Nigeria today to stay at peace is to split into six geopolitical zones we are,

    Legal illuminery Barr.Olisa Agbakoba has said it before, during subsidy removal crisis in 2012.

    And that prophecy as gradually coming to pass now..
    Let not deceive ourselves any more they will never be peace any more in Nigeria until we all go our separate ways.And it has never been a crime,or a sin for a country to split.

    The marginalization of SE/SS in Nigeria today is too revealing..
    May God have mercy on us..

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    Comment…This is not about using force, or dialogue, or security agencies to clamp down the agitators..

    Is about letting those agitating to go.

    Because the marginalization melted to them SE/SS is too much.
    And all eyes are seeing it.

    Now tell me who will not agitating, when all our Oil blocs,in SS/SE is belonging to the Northerners, and westerners,And they are using it to marginalize us..

    Now tell me why SS/SE will not be agitating watching
    their God given wealth be useless all over the world by those who enslaved them,by spending $6.8m for just one single wedding, and party, while the owners of the oil can’t afford one square meal in a day,can’t afford, quality education,
    hygienic waters, good environment, and good health care,despite all the pollutions in their lands.

    Who will not be agitating when everything concerning SS/SE in so called National Assembly is been hijacked and manipulated by Northerner/ SW, To start with the PIB/South east development bills that suppose to benefit SE/SS.
    for seventeen years now,they continues politicalize it.
    If it was North,or South west,the bills would have signed in law since without protocols.

    who will not agitating,when Bakasi peninsula, was forces fully taken away from the people of SS during Obasanjo regime, and their people been abandoned to their fate in their IDPS camp,by so called Nigerian government,and the entire world,While Nigerian government and the world is voting Billions of Dollars every minutes of the day to Boko Haram victims at North east every day.

    Who would not agitating?When the NNPC,DPR,NLNG,NLG,MOBIL,CHEVRON and every other oil companies in Nigeria is been 95% dominated by Northerner, and South west,in the name of Tribalism,

    While the well qualified owners from SE/SS are doing menial Jobs..

    How can Nigeria still be one,when all this evils is going on?

    Even the inborn babies are feeling the pains in SS/SE.

    I think it is time for me to go our separate ways for peace to reign.

    know any SS/SE want to close their eyes and see all this evils happening to them again.Enough is Enough, this nonsense must stop.

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      Correct! No matter what they do, Nigeria can never be one… the handwriting is glaring…..! A stitch in time saves nine.


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