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    David K Oluwagbile

    Comment…Good decision made. This will send warning to unwanted and unrealiable politicians that position must b merited

  2. 2

    Adebiyi sam

    I was not disappointed by this ,if they had done otherwise,it would have shown that the party APC is now serious.

  3. 3

    Adebiyi sam

    I was not disappointed by this ,if they had done otherwise,it would have shown that the party APC is not serious.

  4. 4

    Lazarus Eber

    Comment…That serves her right

  5. 5


    It is a good decision. One is inclined to suspect the Mrs Ekwunife will just as readily dump her principles and even her people if doing so would advance her selfish agenda!

  6. 6


    What were you thinking Uche.

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    Engr. Godwin

    Uche Ekwunife is a wind. And no one has ever caught the wind. She is the next Senator representing Anambra Central.

  9. 9

    Tonie Onyechi

    Comment…Good news. Party flirts are not the best for our time.

  10. 10

    Igboeli Arinze

    APC Anambra Central Senatorial Primaries
    After 4 local governments
    Uche Ekwunife 284 votes
    Sharon Ikeazor 35 votes
    Void votes -16 votes
    Idemili North, Idemili South and Awka North will vote tomorrow.

  11. 11



    >> The screening committee of the Anambra Central Senatorial District was convened on Monday 17/01/2016 with the following membership viz:
    >> Mr Osita Okechukwu – Chairman
    >> Alhaji Garba Umar – Secretary
    >> Barr. Abdullahi Aliyu – Member
    >> Hon. Mrs. Bunmi Oririowo – Member
    >> Lady Mary Aipoh – Member
    >> 1. To carry out the screening exercise, the Committee was mandated to take into consideration full information on aspirants as relates to their educational qualification, political experience, working experience, team spirit and integrity.
    >> The committee was to enquire into the profile of aspirants, integrity and fulfillment of all the relevant sections of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2010 Electoral Act and Guideline for Nomination of candidates of our great party, the APC.
    >> 2. To aid the committee in its assignment, a score board analysis of the parameters set out above was made. Members scored all aspirants on the following basis viz:
    >> BioData/Education 20 Points
    >> Experience(Public/Private) 20 Points
    >> Integrity and personal Character 40 Points
    >> Party Loyalty and Support 20 Points
    >> The guidelines set a pass mark of 51 Points for the aspirants. Enclosed is the scores recorded by members of the Screening Committee.
    >> 3. Two aspirants appeared before the screening committee, they are;
    >> a) Senator Uche Lilian Ekwunife
    >> b) Barr. Sharon Olive Ikeazor
    >> 4. Findings
    >> i. Ikeazor Sharon Olive was a member of the defunct All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), woman leader of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and woman leader interim National Executive Committee of our great party, the All Progressives Congress (APC). She is also a member of our Board of Trustees (BOT).
    >> Her trajectory shows loyalty, perseverance and consistency to the emergence of our progressive party.
    >> It is our considered view that she fulfilled Section 4 of 2014 Guidelines for the Nomination of Candidates for Public Office and all relevant sections of the Electoral Act and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
    >> In conclusion, she is qualified and therefore we recommend her for nomination as the candidate of our great party for Anambra State Central Senatorial District.
    >> ii. Senator Uche Lilian Ekwunife appeared before the committee and was also screened. She barely two weeks old in the party.
    >> The committee members each scoring independently scored the aspirant below the pass mark of 51 Points.
    >> Most importantly, our deep concern is her record which showed that she dumps political parties at will, leaving the parties in its wake factionalized – from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), to Progressive Peoples Alliance (PPA), back to PDP or vice versa and now to APC.
    >> She is more or less a fair-weather-hen, therefore her antecedent contravenes Section 4(3) of the 2014 Guideline for Nomination of Candidate for Public Office. Caution is valour.
    >> The score sheet in respect of the aspirants is also attached herewith for further necessary action. The committee found that Aspirant Senator Uche Lilian Ekwunife is ineligible to seek the APC nomination for the Senatorial election.
    >> 5. In conclusion, we recommend Ikeazor Sharon Olive. The chairman and members of the screening committee wish to graciously thank the Leadership of the APC for finding us worthy to undertake this important National assignment.
    >> Signed:
    >> Mr Osita Okechukwu – Chairman
    >> Alhaji Garba Umar – Secretary
    >> Barr. Abdullahi Aliyu – Member
    >> Hon. Mary Aipoh. – Member
    >> Hon Bunmi Oririowo. – Member

  12. 12


    Women of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Enugu State has urged the electorates in the Anambra Sentral Senatorial district not to cast their votes for Chief Victor Umeh of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA.

    The women gave the charge on Saturday while congratulating their former Interim National Women Leader, Ms Sharon Ikeazor for her emergence as the party’s senatorial candidate for the fresh election in Anambra State Central Senatorial District.

    In a statement by the Enugu State Women Leader of APC, Lolo Queen Nwankwo, she described Ikeazor’s emergence as a plus for women in Nigeria and South-East in particular.

    Nwankwo urged all women voters in Anambra Central to come out and vote massively for Ikeazor, the daughter of Oboli Obosi.

    According to her, Ikeazor’s uncommon advantage “is that she is one of those who packaged the APC. She automatically would enjoy the privilege of membership of the ruling APC elite Senate Caucus. Indeed her vote is automatic ticket to membership of the elite APC Senate Caucus.”

    The Women Leader opined that, “The APC Senate Caucus is the engine room of the senate. The caucus is the anchor and liaison between President Muhammadu Buhari and the Senate. We regret that our revered Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is not a member, so Ikeazor as senator will fill this painful void.”

    According to Nwankwo, Sharon Ikeazor would use her membership of APC Senate Caucus to facilitate the dream of the entire people of South-East for 2nd Niger Bridge, fix dilapidated federal roads in the South-East, revamping of abundant Enugu coal deposits and other employment generation projects.

    Mrs Nwankwo, commended Senator Uche Ekwunife for her noble statement that she would abide by the party’s decision.

    She, therefore, called for total reconciliation of all tendencies.

    While warning the people of Anambra State Central Senatorial District against voting for Chief Victor Umeh of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), she said “Umeh will only make noise with little or no impact as a ‘lone ranger’ in the Senate. A tree cannot make a forest.”

    Nwankwo expressed total confidence in the ability of Ikeazor to give the people of Anambra Central and the South-East in general effective and fruitful representation when elected into the Senate.

    “If you look at the Senate now, you will discover that the South-East does not have a voice, because we have no member in the kitchen of the senate. She has automatic ticket to the elite caucus immediately she is sworn-in. We are convinced that Ikeazor as a progressive will be the voice for the South-East in the Senate.

    “Our conviction is based on her consistency in character, perseverance, quality education and political experience, spanning from the days of the defunct Congress for Progressives Change (CPC) and being a key player in the merger that produced the APC, the ruling party in the country today”, she said.

    Nwanwko also described Ikeazor’s emergence as an advantage to the womenfolk, stressing that the experience she garnered as a member of civil society organizations and Interim National Women Leader of APC, would serve as a launch pad for her to champion the course of women in Anambra Central and the country in general.


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