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FLASH| Church Demolished Over Pastor’s Adulterous Habit

by on April 25, 2016

Yesterday Sunday (24-04-2016), the pastor of Mountain Of Prayers ministry in Jesse town ( A Small Clan in Sapele community) was in crisis with some of the community youths as properties worth thousands of Naira in the church was destroy after the pastor was allegedly to have been sleeping with several women in his ministry.

Pastor Emma is a popular known man in the community along Jesse Sapele Rd before Water Board.

The angry youths said Pastor Emma has been sleeping with married women within and outside the church. He meet him Waterloo when he slept with Chief Austine Omonode wife.

Chief Austine Omonode wife whose husband is the President General of Idjerhe ClanDevelopment Union (ICDU).

We are yet to know according to our findings whether the angry youths invaded the church on the order of the ICDU.

But yesterday properties Worth hundreds of thousands was destroyed as about 12 of the Church Members was injured by the youths but no life was lost.

As at when the heat was on yesterday, Officers of the Nigerian Army came and arrested the ICDU PG to their base for some interrogation.

Some of the members condemned the adulterous act of the Pastor.

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