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FLASH| Igbos Have Every Right to Agitate for Biafra – Rev. Kukah

by on June 12, 2016

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Archdiocese, Rev Mathew Kukah has opined that citizens from the South East region agitating for the State of Biafra have every right to do so because Nigeria practices representative democracy.

Rev Mathew Kukah also called for caution on the part of the Federal Government by adding that the matter should be properly handled.

“I think the question we should be asking is: what right do people have to express themselves?’ We are in a democracy and people should be allowed to express themselves because ours is a representative democracy.

“There are representatives and if people want to stop being a part of Nigeria there is a process for achieving that.

“The second point is that we cannot speculate as to intentions and motives unless you legitimately bring a person to court and say why have you done X Y Z? You can only speculate. And I don’t think we should be depending on speculations.”

The Catholic Bishop also advised  Nigerians to stop politicizing the health issues of President Muhammadu Buhari, adding a former US President, Ronald Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s disease but that while in office, most people were not aware.

“I do not think that the health of any Nigerian should be the subject of politics or speculations.

“It is something I find so troubling because nobody does the things we do in Nigeria.”

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